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Sneak-O-Bangs! Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 Gameplay Vid

Sneak sneak bang bang

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 [official site] is the third in the FPS series, but the first that developers CI Games are making as a "full-fledged triple-A title". The first two face-shooters were a bit cheap and cheerful, see. So what's so different about 3? You can have a peek for yourself, as a new 24-minute narrated gameplay trailer the devs playing through the demo they took to E3.

In short, it's now a big open-world affair with side-quests (or 'war crimes' as CI have decided is a cute name for them) and crafting and everything, and looks a lot less janky.

Watch on YouTube

I'll recap a bit for folks not into watching. So! You have an open world with missions and side-quests on your mission to shoot men through the face and/or torso. You'll need to sneak out from your hidden bases (which you can fast travel between) to find your murdertargets, and have a Magic Eyes power like in Batman: Arkham or Assassin's Creed to help pick up things like enemy tracks and mines. The reliance on Magic Eyes seems excessive in this demo. You get a drone friend to help scout people too. Your targets will have their own routines, and might travel all over the world over the span of a few days, so you can study them and take your sweet time if you want to do a real cool murder. As open-world FPSs will nowadays, it has a crafting system for weapons and gadgets, and your skills with specific weapons improves through practise.

You sneak around a lot and shoot people, in short. It seems to offer a lot of guidance, but CI say the game lets folks ignore all the advice and do as they please. It's wildly unrealistic, between the Magic Eyes and Magic Enemy Tagging and whatnot, but does still look to push caution and tactical awareness, which'll do for me.

Ghost Warrior 3's plot is some questionable current affairs fanfic. You're an American sniper operating illegally inside Georgia as Russia have crossed into the country and enslaved Georgians to build a uranium enrichment plant for them in secret. Well then!

No word on a release date yet.

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