Space Hulk: Deathwing’s new class revives dead Marines

Spacehulk Interrogator Chaplain

A new class of Space Marine has just dropped into Space Hulk: Deathwing [official site], the Warhammer 40,000 FPS. The new update adds a staff-wielding Interrogator Chaplain – the first class that can revive his teammates. Clearly, he likes skulls. There’s skulls on his weapon, skulls on his shoulders and, er, a skull where his head should be.

If you recall, the game was released back in April and was a real mixed bag. The single player was repetitive, but the co-op was an intense, backs-to-the-wall affair where you and three other Space Marines waded through rivers of Tyranids and worked together to survive.

Right now, when marines die they get a respawn timer. As long as someone else is left standing when that timer gets to zero then they’ll spring back into battle. However, because you’re so reliant on your teammates to watch your back, one death can create a domino effect. That should mean the new class is a no-brainer pick. And if you like him, he’s available in the Solo Special Missions too.

Here’s what Adam thought of the co-op mode back at launch:

“The shooting and the stabbing or punching or chopping is breathless and intense, battles often lasting long past the point you feel is fair, and then eventually occupying a place which is appropriately Space Hulk. Sudden, punishing death is at least as important to the tone of the game as is victory. Which is not to say that it’s super-hard – unless you pick the hardest difficulty – but that it wants to feel a certain doomy way, not be unqualified slaughter.”

The update also adds a couple of new weapons, the Stormbolter MK2 and the Purgatory Sword, and the ability to choose a specialised class in the Solo Special Missions, rather than just being a jack of all trades. See the patch notes for details on all changes and fixes.

This update falls under the banner of the Enhanced Edition, a series of updates coming across this year.


  1. Keasar says:

    Yes, a playable Chaplain! Now I can finally get some loyal tantrums going and shoved down Xenos’ throats!

  2. Phasma Felis says:

    > The update also adds a couple of new weapons, the Stormbolter MK2

    Which presumably is three bolters bolted together.

  3. Chiron says:

    But… what about the Apothecary? Bloody job sharing.

  4. KastaRules says:

    “If you recall, the game was released back in April and was a real mixed bag.”

    Actually, it was released back in December 2016.

    This is good news by the way, I think I will (re)play the game in the near future just to give the Chaplain a go.

  5. buzzmong says:

    I was playing this on Sunday, it’s miles better now than it was on release on a technical level (still some minor issues though).

    I’m actually having fun in SP, and though yes, it’s a bit repetitive, quite frankly it’s the first time since Serious Sam that in an FPS I’ve been facing actual hordes of baddies. It’s a bit refreshing actually.