Podcast: The party podcast talks good local multiplayer


Aw, hey! I’m so glad you came. You know, I was saying to Alice, just a second ago I was saying to her: “I hope our favourite listener drops in” and now look here you are. That’s great, that’s so nice. YOU’RE nice. Ha ha. Have a drink. No thank you, I’ve had twelve. Look, there’s Adam. Watch out though, he’s gabbing on about Overcooked and those Jackbox Party Packs But never mind, Alice is outside by the paddling pool, talking some chumps into a game of Jelly Stompers. I also think she has a copy of Deadly Premonition with her for some reason. Brendan? He’s in the kitchen, probably boring somebody about Gang Beasts. Best stay here. With me, the Electronic Wireless Show.

Yes, it’s a party podcast this week and we’ve invited all of you. But don’t speak. Just listen. It’s a minigame special and we’ve got a new quiz called Pure Steamin’, in which two of us have to guess a game based on the odd titles of its Steam discussion threads. If that’s not enough, we’ve turned Patch Adam into Post Alice, in which we cross-examine our news editor on her old posts. That’s two whole interrogations. What a good party.

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  1. juan_h says:

    In the long-ago days of my childhood, our party games were published by Epyx and all had the word Games in the title: Summer Games, Winter Games, World Games, California Games, and so forth. Each of the, er, Games games was a collection of mini-games. The mini-games in Summer Games, Winter Games, and their direct sequels were based on Olympic events. World Games included cliff-diving, bull-riding, and caber-tossing mini-games. California Games–the only one I actually owned–had frisbee, hackey-sack, surfing, roller-blading, and BMX mini-games.

    As I now only dimly recall, the earliest games in the series were largely but not-quite monochromatic affairs, while the later games in the series had, gosh, perhaps as many as eight colors at once. I’m not entirely sure why. It isn’t a question of hardware, as I played all of them on either Commodore 64s or Apple IIe-s and IIc-s. I don’t know much about Commodores, but color on Apple II-s was a tricky business. Applesoft Basic supported only eight colors, four of which were black and white. (The previous sentence is not an error.) The other four were purple, green, orange, and blue. But Epyx somehow managed to get colors like yellow and magenta into California Games, so I suspect that they discovered some interesting tricks over the years.

    • GameOverMan says:

      Relevant: link to youtube.com

      (How “oldschool” graphics work, part 2 – Apple and Atari)

      • juan_h says:

        Thank you. That explains many things. It seems I’d forgotten that Apple IIs also had a low-res graphics mode with additional colors. Nevertheless, California Games (and a few other games I owned, like Street Sports Soccer and Rampage) definitely used hi-res pixels with low-res colors. Perhaps that was one of the IIe- and IIc-specific things to which the gentleman in the video alluded.

    • April March says:

      Also related: link to gamejolt.com

  2. R. Totale says:

    Parties? Multiplayer? I’ll just go hide in my room.

  3. Tom-INH says:

    You weren’t going mad Brendan, the Doom Piano was converted into a 88 (?) simultaneous player Canabalt at a Wild Rumpus near Old Street – I think I played a multiplayer spaceship game where everyone’s controls were combined there with you too, I recognised you from SU&SD.