Metal Gear Survive is out now


Wormhole spin-off Metal Gear Survive is out today, flinging off the tactical espionage trousers of its heritage and donning the “survive waves of zombies” windbreaker. Obviously, this makes the Kojima-free game look very stupid, walking around in its underpants. But don’t worry, they made a launch trailer to cover up its bottom half. It’s got the robots and desperate dives of its Fox Engine daddy, MGS V: The Phantom Pain, but this defend-o-shoot really has more in common with Fortnite. At least, that’s how I felt after only an hour with the weekend beta.

This is all very dramatic. I think the co-op trailer from two weeks ago probably does a better job of showing the “be silly with your pals” side of the game. You got your base, your buds and your Ballroom Blitz – everything a Metal Gear Solidista needs.

The beta was held at the weekend and if you missed it, let me run you through the very short time I spent in its zombie clutches. I first created a character, played here by JK Simmons.


Then I was thrown into a giant white voidroom that looked like the inside of an iPad.


I spent twenty minutes in here. First, simply trying to remember the MGSV controls while discovering the differences. I also fiddled with an overwhelming loadout screen. Then I tried to decode what each of the floaty crafting stations did. I consulted the tutorial, which is simply a massive listdump of tooltips.


Finally, I entered a game. I made three new pals for life. None of us spoke. They all had bows but I didn’t know how to make one. So I just ran around picking things up. I collected a lot of metal and wood and other materials. We found our holdout and pressed a button on a big machine. Then the zombies came.

I did find out how to place barriers, like wire fences. So I did that for a while. I poked some zombies through the chainlink with a big spear. That felt good.


Then a big bloaty zombie came and blew up all my wooden barriers with his explosive blister-body. But don’t worry, my friends have giant turrets.


I’ll earn one of these when the excursion is over, but I’ll also learn you can craft one with the horribly arranged crafting bench menu, using disparate materials.


The last few enemies fall and we triumph. We have defended a big machine from waves of regular and bloaty zombos. Good work us! At this point we are overrun. Not by the undead, but by icons. Terrible, endless swarms of icons.


Screen after screen of words and symbols and pictures that have not been explained. I stopped playing. It was too much. Yes, there was defensive silliness – that was good – but the rest of the game is a UI seizure, somehow busier and more scattershot than even Fortnite’s cluttered menus. Even your character is chronically hobbled by a floating holographic ankle bracelet. The screen is just covered in stuff.


I’ll remind you this was the beta, and a very brief excursion. I want to go back and try more, because I think most of my gripes can be addressed with a decent tutorial (hopefully the main game has one) and some dedicated learnin’ time. But it’s telling that none of the trailers or screenshots shows you just how invasive the UI clutter is. It’s all clean action, cinematic combat. I suspect there’s a physical law to these online collect-o-shooters. Something like: “The over-eagerness of the menu screens is inversely proportional to the amount of craic you’ll have.” (Craic is a scientific term now). Hopefully, we can get an RPS posse together and have more fun while ignoring the guff.

Anyway, it’s out now on Steam for £34.99/$39.99. I guess when they said Metal Gear Survive “will not be a full-priced game” they only meant “it won’t be £50/$60”.


  1. Kamestos says:

    Wow you’re selling this so well !
    I guess I’ll wait for a few reviews and hope there is a tutorial.

  2. Seafoam says:

    This is a game I wont be playing for ethical reasons. I don’t care of how fun it might be or how much it will sell, hell I won’t even call it a personal boycott. More like how a a vegetarian won’t eat meat

    The game and it’s conception disgusts me to no end. I don’t want to have anything to do with it except leaving these annoying comments on the internet.

    • UncleLou says:

      Heh, because of the Kojima/Konami affair we know absolutely *nothing* about? Will you also not buy anything Kojima’s new studio produces?

    • wwarnick says:


      • Daymare says:

        As for me, it’s because of the cancelled Silent Hills. But there’s some other stuff, some true, some allegedly true … in this poster’s case I assume it’s because Hideo Kojima was let go, who many people saw as the main (and last) creative driving force of Konami’s video games development.

  3. Veav says:

    This game is both good and fun. Konami is bad at marketing and the beta wasn’t a fair representation (though it was more entertaining for me than it was for Somber Sadpants here). Fortnite is a fair comparison – a less constrained, less cartoonish Fortnite.

    And if you’re really, really offended by the UI, there’s a menu option to turn it off.

  4. pilotneko says:

    I bought it and played ~1.5 hours so far. For reference, I haven’t played the other Metal Gear games. Lots of cutscenes and hammy acting early on, but the base game seems interesting. Hunger and thirst management are a little annoying, but it’s a bit too early to tell how difficult it will be to handle those aspects.

    • wwarnick says:

      “Lots of cutscenes and hammy acting early on” sounds pretty faithful to the franchise. But I definitely recommend that you play MGSV. Awesome game.

      • pilotneko says:

        Thanks for the recommendation. I will look into it, but I mainly purchased this for coop. I will say that the coop in this game is a little annoying in the sense that—as far as I can tell—you are required to progress through the introductory stuff before you can start a coop instance.

  5. pookie101 says:

    I draw the line at games that make you pay $10 for an extra character slot

  6. DingDongDaddio says:

    Just hearing about this game is making me sleepy. It’s always a fun surprise seeing that this game does have its defenders though. I sincerely don’t understand, but more power to ya’.

    I want to bring this whole fiasco back in time in hopes that we’d end up with a generic 3rd person cover shooter instead. That would at least be fun in the Fox Engine. But all these menus and crafting and watching meters drain… it’s just so BORING.

  7. Nastee says:


  8. Maxheadroom says:

    they would have gotten a lot less hate if they’d just called it something else

    ‘course then they wouldnt have been able to churn it out with 90% recycled assets so swings and roundabouts I guess

    • Fire of Love says:

      Seriously, 90% isn’t even an exaggeration. I’ve put in a good 120 hours in MGSV and I’ve been able to pinpoint the exact location on the map each gameplay segment I’ve seen takes place.

      At this point I’m convinced the decision to make it crafting zombie survival was not so much because it’s popular (the genre was already on the decline when this was announced tbh), but more a case of “we have this crafting system & resource gathering ready + there are zombie animations available, so…”

      I won’t be buying this because it’s not appealing to me the slightest. Seems to inherit the worst aspects of the Phantom Pain (grindy, lack of entertaining story) while ruining the best parts of it (action stealth gameplay, huge bag of tricks to have fun with, Kojima-level attention to detail).

      Also #FucKonami

    • kyoodle says:

      90% is being generous, this is basically a £35 mod for the Phantom Pain.

      Having tried the beta it wouldn’t be worth playing even if it were a free update to MGSV which, considering it has a premium currency, is all it should be.

  9. X_kot says:

    I’m surprised that there is no pachinko in the game.