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Metal Gear Survive open beta sneaks onto PC next week


While I've little interest in Konami hypothetically making new Metal Gear Solid games without Hideo Kojima, I must say I am curious about them taking the guts of MGS5 and spinning them off into the open-world base-building survival sandbox Metal Gear Survive. I would like to build a wacky funhouse base full of traps to trip, trap, and repel crystal-headed zombies, especially as I'd get to muck about with my pals in co-op. Well, Konami have announced they will run an open beta test of Metal Gear Survive on PC next weekend, packing several missions and four-player co-op. Ah yeah, go on.

The open beta will run through Steam from Friday the 16th of February through to Sunday the 18th. Consoles have seen a Survive open beta before but this is the first to include us too. This beta test will include three missions across two-maps in the four-player cooperative mode, Konami say.

While save data from the beta will not carry over to the full game, beta players will receive some cosmetic trinkets in it: a Fox Hound name plate; the classic Metal Gear Solid bandanna; and a giant novelty hat styled after Metal Gear Rex. Hey, the Metal Gear Ray head that Survivors get if they played The Phantom Pain is even weirder.

I'm not that into zombies or survival but MGS5 is such a cracking sandbox of a game that I am quite keen to play this. Messing with guards, sliding around in boxes, and generally being foolish is so much fun, and I would like to see what happens when that collides with wacky weapons, silly traps, and four-player co-op. It seems a promising game for dicking about. I suppose I'll see for myself next week.

Following the beta, Metal Gear Survive will launch for real on February 22nd.

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