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£25 for a powerful 65W three-port GaN USB-C charger is a great deal

Perfect for Steam Deck, ROG Ally, laptops, phones and more.

tecknet three-port GaN charger with a UK plug and three USB ports, two USB-C and one USB-A (full-size USB)
Image credit: Tecknet

Gallium Nitride (GaN) chargers are pretty awesome, as they're much smaller than traditional power bricks allowing for some pretty bonkers specs in a tiny space. That's certainly the case for this Tecknet GaN triple charger, which offers two USB-C ports, one USB-A port and up to 65W of charging for Steam Deck, ROG Ally, laptops, tablets and phones.

It normally retails for £33, but today it's available for £25 - an awesome price for this spec.

I picked up one of these chargers a while back and have found it a god-send for working and gaming while travelling, whether I'm in a cafe for a more relaxed day of writing articles or playing a Steam Deck while travelling abroad. The 65W output is sufficient to charge a Steam Deck or a 13-inch MacBook Air at full speed, and with three ports available you could charge both of these devices and a phone overnight - super useful when all three need topping up and you don't want to have to juggle a single USB connection between multiple devices.

Otherwise, there's not much to differentiate this particular unit from its peers - it's got a brand name I've at least heard of before, and after removing potentially fake reviews via ReviewMeta it still has a reasonable 4.4/5 (88%) rating on Amazon. That's good enough for me, but if you prefer, Ugreen and Spigen are more mainstream brands that also do 65W USB-C GaN chargers, albeit at around £10 more.

I think that just about does it for this one, so thanks for joining me once again and let me know if you found this deal helpful! It really does make a difference, not so much for my ego but so that I'm actually writing about stuff that people are interested in. Until next time then, farewell!

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