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£37 is an insanely good price for a top mechanical keyboard

The Swedish-made Xtrfy K4 TKL is normally £90, making this the keyboard deal of the year

Whoa - the Xtrfy K4 TKL was already a great value mechanical keyboard at its original price of £90, but today Amazon are selling the UK model for just £36.59. That's a titanic reduction and a truly wicked deal for a high-grade mechanical keyboard.

Katharine hasn't reviewed the K4 TKL for RPS just yet, but I have happened to test it out - so let me run through its strong points quickly. It's got high quality Kailh Red switches, which are plate-mounted to improve the typing response. It has thick ABS keycaps, lubed stabilisers and foam padding in the bottom of the case to dampen noise. The key legends are clearly illuminated by the lighting beneath, which can be set to different colours and effects using the keyboard itself - no software needed.

It's hard to overstate how much of a good deal this is. Normally, the only mechanical keyboards we see this low are really obviously budget models with build quality concerns, sloppy printing on the key legends, weird features, that kind of thing. To get a critically acclaimed keyboard from a Swedish peripheral maker, part of the esports organisation Ninjas in Pyjamas, for £37 - it's kind of incredible.

a graph showing a keyboard becoming cheaper over time on amazon

I reckon I can see the hand of an algorithm pushing the price this low - every day, you can see it's become cheaper and cheaper in the graph above. I suspect that it'll return to its original price once it starts to sell in good numbers, so I don't expect this deal to last.

In fact, I literally already own this keyboard in a different colour, but I've bought another one anyway because the deal is that good. I'd encourage you to pick up one for yourself too - it's great for gaming, good for typing and I can't see the price going this low ever again.

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