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£48 is a ludicrously low price for Razer's flagship wireless mouse

That's 72% off RRP for the Razer Viper Ultimate, the lowest price ever - and by some margin.

Razer's Viper Ultimate is one of my all-time favourite gaming mice - and now it's a massive 72% off at Amazon UK. That brings it to £48, an incredible deal for an ultralight mouse with optical switches, an ambidextrous design and HyperSpeed wireless. You even get a free wireless charging dock with it - what's not to like?

The Viper Ultimate hasn't left my desk since I first reviewed it back in 2020, and for good reason - it just ticks a lot of boxes. It feels great in the hand, with a symmetric design that suits right or left-handers equally well. The 69g weight is low for a wireless mouse, helping to flick onto an enemy or spin around in an instant, but Razer didn't put a bunch of holes in the chassis to do it so the mouse still feels right.

The wireless is super reliable and low-latency, and charging is dead-simple. Just drop the Viper onto its charging dock when you're done using it for the day, and magnetically-aligned pins will start the flow of electrons. Pick it up when you need it again, and you've got another ~70 hours of play time.

Inside, the Ultimate uses top-tier components including optical mouse switches that register faster than traditional mechanical switches and are rated for 70 million mouse clicks, making them more durable too. The optical sensor is rated for up to 20K DPI and is based on the reliable PixArt 3399.

There's also RGB lighting on the mouse and the dock, which can easily be disabled or set to a single colour if you don't want an attention-grabbing effect. (Personally, I love the rainbow puke look, but clearly I have no class!)

So yeah - I was recommending this mouse even at its £170 original price point, and at £48 I'm practically begging you to pick one up. This is the best mouse deal I've seen all year, and isn't likely to be repeated - so do check some reviews, then pounce on this deal before it's too late!

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