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5 Best Dragons in Hearthstone’s Descent of Dragons


The new Hearthstone expansion, Descent of Dragons, has brought about more Dragons than any other set before it, as well as a whole lot of other exciting synergies to try out. We decided to put together a page of the top 5 Dragons from the entire set, with a helping hand if you’re looking to use them in decks.

5 Best Dragons in Hearthstone’s Descent of Dragons

We’ve put together our top 5 Dragons from the latest expansion, using a combination of statistics and favouritism. The meta has developed a bit to the extent that we know what’s going on with regards to the best win-rate decks. Unfortunately, the top tier aren’t exclusively Dragon-based value and midrange decks, but we’ll live. Here’s the best Dragon cards unleashed on Hearthstone in Descent of Dragons.

Dragonqueen Alexstrasza

Dragonqueen Alexstrasza has helped us Highlander fans out big time. If the likes of Reno the Relicologist and Dinotamer Brann weren’t quite enough, if Zephrys the Great didn’t reach the ideal level of greatness, Descent of Dragons offered another super-powerful reward for stocking your deck up with singleton cards. The Battlecry gives you two 0-cost Dragons in hand, which can highroll to ridiculous proportions. You can get the likes of Emeriss or Malygos, or even another Dragonqueen Alexstrasza for more free Dragons. Highlander Secret Hunter, Highlander Dragon Hunter, and Highlander Mage are the main users of Dragonqueen Alexstrasza, but if you want it enough, she can fit into other archetypes that want to go into the late game.

Crazed Netherwing

This one is a superb way for Control archetypes to make it back into the Warlock class. Whilst there’s a more spicy and eyecatching Dragon in the class, Zzeraku the Warped, Crazed Netherwing brings with it a more reliable and generally helpful effect. When played with a Dragon in hand, it deals 3 damage to all other characters, often clearing the enemy board of minions. It’s a Hellfire effect but with a 5/5 body attached for a single extra mana, which is absolutely worth it. It even synergises in Handlock with Zzeraku the Warped, since damaging your own Hero summons a 6/6 while Zzeraku is on board. It’s a pretty nutty card and we expect to see a whole lot of play for Crazed Netherwing, especially next year when the Standard format rotates.

Malygos, Aspect of Magic

Control-focused Mage archetypes have been bolstered by Malygos, Aspect of Magic. It’s a strong card despite the required Dragon synergy, and stands up excellently in Highlander Mage. The base versions of the spells Malygos, Aspect of Magic can Discover are strong on their own, but the upgraded Mage spells you can get are even better, giving you more value and stronger effects. Malygos's Flamestrike, for example, deals a chunky 8 damage to your enemy’s entire board, whilst Malygos's Frostbolt costs 0 mana so can be used extremely flexibly. Pick out the right one for the situation and you’ll be golden. The spells synergise well with Azure Explorer too, another brand new Dragon.

Big Ol' Whelp

The Big Ol' Whelp is a perfect addition to this set. A 5 mana 5/5 common card with a Battlecry to draw a card seems understated, but you’ll find this guy in all sorts of decks. He’s super cute too. From Dragon Ramp Druid and Dragon Paladin to Galakrond Priest, Big Ol' Whelp fits in where Azure Drake used to before it was rotated into Wild. Keep an eye on this absolute cutie in more decks over the next year and a bit.


Hunter’s flagship Dragon minion, Veranus, acts as a mass Hunter's Mark on the entire enemy board. Working excellently with boards of small minions, like you find in Quest Hunter, Veranus can get you out of jail free when played alongside Rush minions to ping that point of health off. It’s aggressively statted too, so your opponent will be staring at a scary 7/6 minion threatening to deal damage to face. Primordial Explorer is a fantastic companion card for Veranus too, being a fellow Dragon and able to discover more copies of the Legendary. You’ll want to be running this drake in your Highlander Hunter decks too, such is the impact it can have when you slam it on board.

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