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A collection of dishonourable acts in For Honor

For dishonor

The murderfields of For Honor [official site] are busy - despite the god-awful networking – and it has become a place where all sorts of foul multiplayer deeds occur. It’s obvious now that Ubisoft called the game For Honor as a joke, because I have seen (and done) all kinds of dishonourable acts. Here, in handy visual form (warning: many GIFS!) are just some of the terrible or stupid things that can happen in any hard-fought battle. Things you can do to your foe, things you can do to your mates, things that can be done unto you...

The old ladder slide

My faithful friend.

Death(s) from above

“I am a GOD,” you think briefly, and then you die.

Fancy a 3v1?


He’s reviving his friend! Think of something!

Hiding behind your mate only works if your mate isn’t being thrown at you like a sack of fertiliser.

Q. Are you losing a fight?

A. Ledges.


Bumped like an old forum thread

When you charge at your foe so hard you phase right through them

Raider definitely OP

“Bringing a bear trap to a spike pit”

It’s a real phrase.

Nice of you to drop in

Hahahahaha seriously thank you I was about to die

It’s not fighting dirty

It’s efficiency.

Can love bloom on the battlefield?

No. But dancing can

So there are these gates, right…

And they are horrible

Shadows and dust

You can accept your fate but that doesn't mean your enemies won't argue over who gets to be executioner

Becoming a turncoat

Celebrate a team mate’s death with enough conviction and the enemy won’t attack

Until they do…

“sorry bud”

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