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A Crucial MX500 1TB SSD for $85 headlines a host of Newegg deals

Plus - discounted 3600MHz RAM, a half-price mechanical keyboard and more.

Newegg in the US is discounting a host of PC peripherals and components today, so we thought we'd highlight our favourite three deals especially for you. They include a full-size hot-swappable mechanical keyboard for $50, 16 gigabytes of 3600MHz RAM for $73 and a 1TB SSD for just $85. Here are all the details!

  • Get the EVGA Z15 mechanical keyboard for $50 (was $130)

  • First up, let's talk about that mechanical keyboard. This isn't one I've tested, but the heart of any keyboard are its switches - and I've spent many a happy hour clicking softly away on the Kailh Speed Bronze switches this keeb is built around. The action of these switches is rapid, but there's a good amount of tactile and audible feedback with each button press - making playing games or typing up a paper feel very satisfying.

    Elsewhere, the keyboard has a full-size US layout with dedicated media keys in the upper right, a wrist rest and a tough metallic design. It looks every bit a $130 keyboard, so the fact that it's been discounted to $50 is pretty exceptional.

    It's so rare to see a keyboard for a major brand at this price, especially one that looks as good as this, so I'd definitely hop on this if you fancy trying out your first mechanical keyboard - or if you're already hopelessly addicted to them as I am! I think you'll have a lot of fun with this one.

    crucial ballistix 3600mhz cl16 white ram
  • Get 16GB Crucial Ballistix 3600MHz for $73 with code SS2AZ9A524

  • Next up: the RAM. Put simply, this is a great price for RAM of this spec, and the spec is the current performance sweet spot identified by AMD and Intel. 3600MHz CL16 gets you a good balance between high frequency and low latency, and Crucial's white sticks look great in almost any system. (Other colours are available, but aren't discounted). You could also fill out a standard ATX or Micro ATX motherboard with four sticks to get a mighty 32GB of super-fast RAM for $146 - not bad!

  • Get the Crucial MX500 1TB SATA SSD for $85 with code SS2AZ9A525

Let's wrap up with the Crucial MX500 1TB. This is a 2.5-inch SATA SSD, so it operates right at the 550MB/s limit of that interface. That's not as fast as NVMe drives like the WD SN550 (also discounted today), but it's cheaper than them and offers more or less identical performance in game load times. If you want to cheaply add more storage to your system, this is a great shout at $85. Just remember to use the code on the product page and in the link above!

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Note that you may be able to take a further 15% off if you're a Google Pay user. Open the GPay app, select offers in the bottom left corner, then check for '15% off Newegg orders'. If you have that option, you'll get a unique code that can be used on the site (with any browser or payment method). This is only live for a few lucky people, but it's worth checking if you have a big Newegg purchase planned!

That just about does it for now, so thanks for joining us and we'll catch you again on the next one!

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