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A Diablo 4 necromancer took 15 seconds to destroy a world boss designed to be beaten in 15 minutes

Bone Spear is ready!

Diablo 4 Wandering Death, Death Given Life in action during a boss battle.
Image credit: Blizzard

Diablo 4’s latest patch recently buffed every class, but it seems that at least one class is doing just fine without the helping hand, thanks.

That’s going by a video posted by Reddit user stso, anyway, which shows a necromancer player tearing through an end-game world boss in a matter of seconds.

The boss in question is Wandering Death, Death Given Life, a gigantic skeleton-like creature that rates as one of Diablo 4’s tougher encounters.

Someone melted a World Boss in 15 seconds
by u/stso in diablo4

Making this particular boss even harder is the fact it was encountered on world tier 4, Torment - the highest current world tier in Diablo 4, which is only unlocked once you’ve reached at least level 70 and completed the Fallen Temple capstone dungeon on the previous difficulty level. As per its in-game description, the Torment world tier makes enemies “more fearsome”, shaking off 40% of resistances.

Despite all this, the level 90 Wandering Death seen in the video goes down in just 15 seconds - a fraction of the 15 minutes that players are given to beat it by the world boss’ timer.

While there are a number of players present - with world bosses being typically designed for large groups to tackle together - one player in particular looks to turn the skeleton into dust with particular efficiency.

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A necromancer using the Bone Spear build (seen on the right side of the screen in the video) appears to land multiple critical hits in a row, a ruthless damage output amplified by high-level gear that has quickly made it one of the best necromancer builds in Diablo 4.

What makes this particularly funny is that the Bone Spear wasn’t buffed by the latest Diablo 4 patch, meaning that it was capable of doing this ridiculous damage already - something that many other videos of Bone Spear necros jellifying bosses, nightmare dungeons and other end-game foes attest to.

While the feat is impressive to watch, a number of commenters have jumped in to share their own stories of turning world bosses and Diablo 4’s big bad Lilith into the digital equivalent of smoking craters in a matter of seconds, even on Torment.

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