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Diablo 4 Wandering Death: Location, spawn times, and strategies

Wandering Death, Death Given Life is one of the most fearsome creatures to walk Sanctuary

Diablo 4 Wandering Death, Death Given Life in action during a boss battle.
Image credit: Blizzard

How do you beat Wandering Death, Death Given Life, in Diablo 4? Wandering Death is a skeleton-like creature and is among the most horrifying beings to walk Sanctuary in Diablo 4. And, given such a menacing name, it's bound to be a challenge.

However, with great risks come great rewards, and taking on this monster can lead to some sweet loot. So, if you're ready to gear up and try your hand at one of the hardest bosses in Diablo 4, here's what you'll want to know.

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Where to find Wandering Death in Diablo 4

World Bosses, including Wandering Death, can spawn at any one of five World Boss spawn locations in accordance with set Diablo 4 World Boss spawn times. These spawn times are typically within six to eight hours of one another.

However, the in-game World Boss spawn notifications won't tell you which boss is spawning, and the spawn pattern seems random. So, if you're looking specifically for Wandering Death, you may want to keep tabs on this ghastly entity via the Diablo 4 community Discord, where you can not only find out which bosses are spawning but can also look for a group to help you take down this putrid boss.

If you've not completed the campaign, you can still look to the Discord community for spawn times and locations to track down and defeat this boss, which will scale with your level. That means you shouldn't be afraid to fight it if you come across it, as you can participate in the event and earn rewards for slaughtering this enemy.

Diablo 4 Wandering Death, Death Given Life shoots beams during a battle.
Image credit: Blizzard

How to defeat Diablo 4 Wandering Death

If you plan to take on Wandering Death, you'll first want to ensure you have some allies in battle. If you don't have enough people, it'll be tough to take down any World Boss as these are designed as encounters for 10-15 people. As an aside, it's also possible to have too many players to take down a World Boss, as the boss will scale to your difficulty, but its HP is contingent on the number of players in the battle.

You'll also want to ensure you have a stellar build to help defeat this boss, as you'll want to do as much DPS as possible. At higher levels, you should be doing thousands of damage per hit. This requires having a solid set of Ancestral or Sacred Legendary gear with solid affixes, which you can also upgrade and enhance with Diablo 4 Gems. Wandering Death deals Shadow damage, so equip your jewelry with amethyst stones, and don't forget to use a Shadow Resistance Elixir, too.

You'll avoid dying to the Wandering Death if you can avoid its abilities, which include circular areas on the ground to avoid as the creature ground pounds, a knockback attack that you can't always avoid, tornado spawns, a bone enclosure trap, iron spikes you must immediately dodge, and powerful beams of searing energy.

You'll also want to keep tabs on this boss' stagger bar. When Wandering Death is stunned, it will release Trapped Souls. Defeating these souls does significant damage to the entity, so if you can, time your Ultimate skills to use during this interlude as you must destroy them for them to deal damage to Wandering Death.

Wandering Death, a Diablo 4 World Boss that you can fight in the game.
Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Diablo 4 Wandering Death rewards

Each week, you can earn a Weekly Bonus Cache for defeating each of the World Bosses, for a total of three each week. Your chances of earning great Legendary rewards increase when playing on higher World Tiers. At World Tier 4, you will likely earn Ancestral and Sacred Legendary gear, gold, and Scattered Prisms. If you've slain this demonic entity once in a given week, you can still defeat it again to continue earning powerful rewards.

If you fail to beat the boss within the 15-minute allocated timer, you earn no rewards.

That's everything to know about taking on Wandering Death, Death Given Life, in the Diablo 4 World Boss area. Once you've taken on Wandering Death, you'll also want to take on Ashava, the Pestilent and Avarice, the Gold Cursed. If you are having trouble slaying any of these monsters, you may want to check out our guides to the best Diablo 4 Sorcerer build, best Diablo 4 Druid build, and the best Diablo 4 Necromancer build to see how you can strengthen your character for combat.

If you've squared away the endgame bosses, then check out our guides to the Diablo 4 battle pass and Diablo 4 seasons to see what else Blizzard has lined up for you. And if you need a hand finding any location in-game then head to our interactive Diablo 4 map.

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