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A Fool In Morrowind, Day 6: Tweet

Today in my ongoing series (going on to where, I still don't know) of wanders through the wondrous land of Morrowind: postcards from the edge. The edge of irrelevancy. Apologies for the lack of an instalment yesterday, by the way: can't guarantee these will always happen daily, but they'll remain pretty regular.

Oh - you need to read this one from the bottom up.

Agentloaf Hear rumours of werewolves on some distant island. Am I tough enough to fight wolfmen? Worth a shot, eh?
4:16 PM Jun 30th from web

Agentloaf Decided to rob armour store again to feel better. He never did anything to me, but I hate him for some reason. Buy more skills. /me flexes.
4:01 PM Jun 30th from web

Agentloaf After hrs of wandering around like a drunken geriatric, finally found thinger I’m looking for. Was through a door off the first room :(
3:17 PM Jun 30th from web

Agentloaf Got an awesome sword from some guy I killed – paralyses people when I smack ‘em, like a magic taser. Great way to deal with wizard-types.
1:58 PM Jun 30th from web

Agentloaf Think I’m lost. Been attacked by bandits, clockwork robots, clockwork spiders and ghostly bearded guys. Have a nap in the corner to recover.
1:07 PM Jun 30th from web

Agentloaf In dwarf fortress. Take all 7 torches in crate near door, but over-encumbered and can’t move, so leave 3 pairs of trousers on the floor.
11.30 AM Jun 30th from web

Agentloaf Angry magician attacks me on a bridge FOR NO REASON. Summons a bloody skeleton! Manage to stab ‘em both in the face, and steal his clothes
11.14 AM Jun 30th from web

Agentloaf Fuggit, it’s a job. He sends me to guy in fighter’s guild, who needs me to get some old dwarf loot. Sounds a bit like stealing, so I’m in.
10.02 AM Jun 30th from web

Agentloaf Really should do something useful now. Topless old guy asks me to do stuff for the Blades. Don’t like being told what to do by topless men.
9.17 AM Jun 30th from web

Agentloaf I am now significantly better at sneaking, stabbing and I can finally cast heal spells without embarrassing myself. Woo!
10.04 PM Jun 29th from web

Agentloaf Bah. He’s not offering much for it. Oh well, there’s always new stuff to steal, and money’s money. Will spend it all on skill upgrades.
9.40 PM Jun 29th from web

Agentloaf Used new hat to rob armour shop. Found orcish stuff worth 1000s hidden behind the counter! Now to sell it to the thieves’ guild fence...
9.18 PM Jun 29th from web

Agentloaf I bought a hat! It turns me invisible and lets me breathe underwater, but it sucks away all my magic. It’s worth it!
7:24 PM Jun 29th from web

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