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A Fool In Morrowind: Précis

Gaming diaries: all the rage, eh? Buoyed by the splendidosity of the likes of Roburky's Sims 3 chronicles and Tom Francis' Galactic Civilizations II bible, I'm embarking on something I've had brewing for a while - a diary of my (mis)adventures in Morrowind. I've always maintained it's a far better game than its sequel Oblivion (which was also pretty good), and now's my chance to prove it. I'll commence with the diaries proper in a few days, but ahead of that I thought I'd share the setup.

I'm running the Morrowind: Game of the Year edition, which includes the two expansions Tribunal and Bloodmoon. This means I should bump into a werewolf at some point, excitingly. On top of that, I've installed a bunch of mods, mostly for the sake of prettiness - I don't want to change the eventual experience too much, but I have zero problems with messing with the lore.

They are:

Better Bodies - which, primarily, adds joints to the game's otherwise rigid torsos, and some nicer textures for people whose clothes you've nicked. There's a choice of whether to leave them totally nude or with some tasteful underwear. I've gone for the latter, because I'm afraid of sex.

Better Heads - Those blurry porridge-faces get a bit of sprucing up. Also applies to the player models, not that you get to see your own face outside of the tutorial (I don't think?)

Morrowind Comes Alive - This is a good'un. It throws in a crapton of wandering NPCs into the world, so it's not the underpopulated robo-land it is out of the box.

The Wilderness Mod - Similar to the above, but with angry animals. This means I'm probably going to get attacked by a tiger eventually.

Giants Ultimate - Introduces a load of mythic-esque foes to Morrowind, including dragons, golems and, er, mechanical wasps. More stuff to hit, basically.

Real Signposts - Crisp signpost textures get me hard.

And the Morrowind Visual Pack, an omni-mod of high resolution textures that smarten things up no end. I remember trying this (or something like it) a few years ago, and my poor PC fell over in panic. It's entirely untroubled now, bless it.

So, before I get going on this in earnest, any others you lot reckon are a must-have?

Oh, and my character is a Water Nymph (a new race one of the mods seems to have thrown in) with, for some reason, the face of a flea. He is called Loaf, and is stabby and a bit thiefy. He can also walk on water.

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