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A fully voiced mod for the original Final Fantasy 7 launches today

With a very sweary trailer

A mod for the original Final Fantasy 7 that adds full voice acting to the game is set to release today after seven years of work. Tsunamods’ Echo-S 7 mod has actors from around the world voicing every character in Final Fantasy 7, including the battle barks. You can see a trailer of the mod in action below, but if you’re watching in the office on your lunch break then be aware that there’s a fair few cuss words in it.

The Echo-S 7 mod for Final Fantasy 7 adds anime-style voice acting to the original game.Watch on YouTube

Tsunamods say they’ve retranslated the Japanese script for FF7. Some of the dialogue has been adjusted to “sound more human” so it doesn’t seem like the actors are just reading a text box aloud. The team working on the project created the mod in their own free time, streaming some of the process on Twitch. With the completion of their Final Fantasy 7 mod, Tsunamods are now moving on to work on voicing Final Fantasy 8 and Final Fantasy 9.

Your mileage may vary, but I’ve got to admit that this is entirely the kind of voice-over that I imagine would have worked for the original version of Final Fantasy 7 from 26 years ago. Remember, that’s just a year after Resident Evil was released, with its magnificently B-movie voice acting. We live in the third decade of the 21st century, when FF7 is being remade in three parts like it’s The Lord Of The Rings. Yes, the original was a good game, but this mod strikes just the right balance of Nineties nostalgia that I’m kind of digging it.

If you’re interested in giving the mod a go then you can find it over at the Tsunamods site here. What do you think of a fully voiced Final Fantasy 7?

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