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A Machine For Gibs: Rise Of The Triad 1.1

Multiple multiplayer maps

I enjoy seeing the Apogee logo pushing its pixels onto the screen at the beginning of every Rise of the Triad trailer. For me, it doesn't primarily bring back memories of frenzied first-person shooting, although I did enjoy the original ROTT way back when. Apogee are inextricably linked with Wacky Wheels in my mind though, which worries me a little. How much time did I actually spend steering an elephant around an arena-track, his balloon-laden kart spinning and bouncing as I battled for supremacy? Perhaps there will be an updated version next year? If so, I'd appreciate the sort of post-release support ROTT is receiving. A mega-patch has arrived with tweaks and fixes aplenty, as well as five new multiplayer maps. Video below.

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I've played the first couple of stages of the reboot, just to see if the ludicrous gibs still had a place in my heart, or indeed out of it, and all over the walls. It certainly felt like an old-school shooter and I found some treasure in a tunnel behind an explosive barrel. Perhaps I'll return one day. It doesn't seem right to stop before the madness really begins. I didn't turn into a dog, not even once.

Here's a full list of fixes/changes.

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