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Those Gosh-Darn Triads Are Rising Again

Jim? John? Adam? Are you guys OK? Are you there? Are you conscious? Are you... are you still alive? Oh God. Oh God.

There's no other reason I can think of for why they didn't post about the Rise of the Triad remake/sequel, which we had been forewarned would be unveiled at QuakeCon today. If it wasn't that then, well, they WON'T BE ALIVE FOR LONG WILL THEY. Anyway, while I go sharpen my best machete, let me break from what's supposed to be my day off by sharing with you that, yes, olden hyper-gory Apogee FPS Rise of the Triad is indeed to return.

Here's the key details: semi-remake/embiggening, Unreal Engine 3, developed by one Interceptor Entertainment and published by a company that's calling itself Apogee, has most of the original weapons and modes, map and mod creator, out on Steam later this year. Looks a little bit like this:

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So, the Apogee thing. Apogee became 3D Realms (sort of - it's complicated/boring) but in the wake of 3DR's closure a couple of years ago (due to spending far too much on making what turned out to be an insufferable game) a separate company, Apogee Software LLC licensed the brand.

Some 3DR bigwigs, including Broussard and Miller, are involved in the new company (actually formed in 2008, and has previously published some mobile Duke ports/spin-offs) but apparently don't have an active management role. Thanks, Wikipedia.

Rise of the Triad, then, doesn't appear to involve any of the original devs, with Interceptor being a relatively young studio hailing from Denmark. Interceptor are in theory also working on an Unreal 3-based remake of Duke 3D. Who would have thought there'd be such a link between Texas and Denmark?

Oh look it's late, it's supposed to be my day off and I'm quite enjoying watching the Olympics, so I'm just going to do the naughty thing and end the post this way:

- Step into the shoes of the H.U.N.T. (High-Risk United Nations Taskforce) with five unique characters, each with different play styles.
- Blast through over 20 of levels of explosive single-player action.
- Unique multiplayer maps bring back all the fun and excitement of classic ROTT.
- The full arsenal of over-the top weapons is back, including the Flamewall, Firebomb, Split Missile, Drunk Missile and, of course, the Excalibat!
- The maniacal modes return, too, with God mode, Elasto mode, Mercury mode, Shrooms mode and everyone's favorite, Dog mode!
- Build your own levels, mods and share them with Valve's Steamworks.
- Offline single-player and multiplayer allows for instant action.
- Find tons of secrets, collectables, special events and hidden areas to explore.
- Get more than 100 achievements to add to your score, which is tracked on our worldwide leaderboard and stat-tracking system.
- ROTT is bloodier and more ludicrous than ever, with full character and enemy dismemberment.
- The iconic original soundtrack has been completely re-forged in the fires of heavy metal!
- Nostalgia abounds with the option to play with all the original sounds and music.
- Built on fully-licensed Unreal Engine 3 technology, ROTT will run on low-end PCs and push high-end PCs to their limits!

The sterling Mr Grayson is at QuakeCon as we speak, so hopefully we'll have more of our own things to say about the ROTT rebirth very soon.

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