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Nightdive are remastering classic FPS Rise Of The Triad

The Ludicrous Edition is out in early 2023

Nineties Apogee shooter Rise Of The Triad is being given the remaster treatment by Nightdive Studios, revealed during today's Realms Deep event. You know, Nightdive, them what are remaking System Shock and who, erm, tried to remaster Blade Runner. It’s coming to Steam and GOG early in 2023. Reminisce fondly about the days of gliding on roller skates with your gun slap bang in the middle of your screen by watching the trailer below.

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Nightdive say that Rise Of The Triad’s art has been remastered and the cutscenes are now in HD. They’re chucking in a new level editor, stuff from “lost betas”, and an extra episode called Dial M For Monk. No, I don’t think Tony Shalhoub’s involved. Everything should be running in up to 4K at 60fps, with increased field of view and updates for the HUD and UI. It’s got mod cons such as achievements and cloud saves too.

There’s also a jukebox that lets you swap between soundtracks from different versions of the game. This isn’t the first glow-up that Rise Of The Triad’s been given, see. In 2013, the game was remade in snazzy high-def by Interceptor Entertainment. John got a bit excited about it, though he hadn’t played the original. Rise Of The Triad passed me by just like it did John, but I recall it from the PC mags of yore.

I was just a young lad back when the original was out. I don’t think my parents would’ve let me play Rise Of The Triad, although I do have some fond memories of gibbing Nazis in the Wolfenstein 3D demo. I might pick this up just to see what I missed out on, if anything. Hopefully, Nightdive will have done a much better job than they did for Blade Runner – although Ed thought the remake of System Shock seemed to be shaping up.

Rise Of The Triad: Ludicrous Edition releases sometime in early 2023 on Steam and GOG for PC. It’s also coming to PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

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