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A Pair Of Wild(star) Videos Appear

I always felt that World of Warcraft didn't get me as a player. All I ever wanted to do was wander the world and look at what had been made, but the gated realm that it offered made that tough. Not impossible, though: my first few weeks of WoW were slow-going, because I'd be impatient and run into leveled lands without the appropriate character. Then I'd die, return to my corpse to resurrect, and carry on. It was ridiculous, but I took my low-level character to places she was never meant to see by judging where best to run between higher-level NPCs. My desire for a tourist class in an MMO has yet to be fulfilled, but looking at Wildstar's latest pair of videos it looks like Carbine has made the best attempt at it so far: Paths are Wildstar's way of giving you more of the specific content you like, and the pair of videos below has already convinced me to try out as an Explorer.

Paths are different from classes. Classes are a choice of the way you'll fight, whereas Paths will be about the way you play. There will be four to select from: the Scientist will analyse and diagnose, with missions broadly requiring them to study the world. Settlers will be building houses and expanding bases, and out in they field they can sort out transport. A Soldier's path will present more opportunity to hit things with other things, though in different ways: maybe it's an Assassination, or a demolition, or a rescue.

And then there's the choice that I've already decided on: Explorer. They'll be mapping the world, heading into uncharted territories, hunting artifacts, tracking enemies, claiming the land they find for their factions. First up is a characterful video that explains very little.

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And now to mainline some developer chat, where the real information lies within.

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Yeah. I'd play that.

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