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A shockingly easy Counter-Strike: Global Offensive wallhack has been fixed

Counter-terrorists win

Valve's strict new anti-cheat system was powerless to protect Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players from a very simple trick that let perpetrators see everyone through walls. Until last week, players could make a single file tweak that gave them a huge, cheatily cheat advantage. It now appears to have been fixed.

The hack took just a small file replacement and a change of an in-game setting, which CS interpreted as an instruction to make other player models visible through regardless of any obstacles, a bit like a floating HUD marker.

The cheat (yes it is, come on) was exposed by YouTube user "DepoSit", who created a detailed video demonstrating it in action and how to do it. It's in Russian, but it's pretty clear what's going on.

Speaking to Vice's Motherboard, DepoSit said that "First time I discovered this exploit [was] in 2019. Then, from time to time I've checked if this bug is still working ... One year later, there wasn't any patch pushed to fix this problem."

This simple exploit was not caught by Valve Anti-Cheat nor their new "Trusted Mode", which interferes with common gaming software like OBS and Discord's overlay as a side effect of trying to block cheats. The wallhack has since been fixed though, according to "GabeFollower" on Twitter, who reported the problem to Valve last month.

Fun as it is to jab at the big guy, Valve couldn't realistically be expected to catch everything like this even if they halted their hourly money fights. These things are inevitable with any game that people take as seriously as CS:GO. The eternal battle between breakers and fixers will continue until we are all consumed by the sun.

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