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A Smashing Time: Rubble Trouble

Do you like smashing stuff? I do. Glasses, plates, Fabergé eggs, jars containing the souls of lost children. So games about smashing stuff make me very happy. Red Faction: Guerilla being the most recent highlight. And now thanks to the kindly stranger (I've forgotten who it was, sorry) who tipped me off to Rubble Trouble, I'm having a gleeful smashing afternoon.

Your task is to destroy buildings, blowing them to bits. But rather than a simple game where you place charges in increasingly complex buildings, perhaps with a limited number of charges, it instead constantly adds new ideas. So explosive charges one level, then guided rockets another. Perhaps a bomb-dropping chopper or missile launcher. Then you must perhaps help a man down from a roof, or protect nearby greenhouses.

The only weakness I found was the demolition ball from the helicopter, which is pretty awful to control. But otherwise this is a lovely little browser Flash game. And about smashing stuff! SMASH!

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