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Absolver goes into the mines for some nice new shoes this month

Put on your red shoes and kung the fus

Oh my, are you really wearing THAT to your big fight? You need a new scarf, mate. And those scruffy elbow pads will simply not do. Lucky for you, fashionable fighting game (f)Absolver is getting its free expansion in a couple of weeks, now with a proper release date. It’s coming out September 25, say developers Sloclap in a post on the PlayStation blog. This is the ‘Downfall’ expansion, which brings a new Bruce Lee inspired fighting style, and a randomly generated dungeon into which to delve and re-delve, in search of the perfect sleeveless murderblouse.

You’re off to the mines, see. It’s a new place for PvE biffers to gather or to go solo, with new enemy types and bosses inside called the “Corrupted”. The baddie AI has been “refined”, we’re told, and they have new special attacks to use against you. There’s also a big fella called Arcell who you’re pursuing for lore reasons. But basically, you’re going down into this randomly-generated set of chambers to beat people up and find some nice new sandals.

"Players will collect Gleam from infected Prospects and transform it into rewards in the form of experience and gear. The more Gleam you capture, the more powerful you become in your struggle to defeat the Corrupted, and eventually Arcell himself."

This “Gleam” stuff seems like a PvE alternative to the other currencies in the game. “Crystals” are already earned by cracking the skulls of other players in PvP matces, and “Fragments” are earned by breaking down equipment and the like. In other words, facepunchers are getting a better way to grind some new gear without confronting the speedy demon kickers of the real world. Good. I hate real people.

There’s also the Faejin fighting style, which Sloclap say is based on the Jeet Kune Do of martial artist Bruce Lee.

“This new combat style is more complex than others,” they say, “and experienced Absolvers will need to balance the fluidly powered offense with different defensive abilities that shift with your stance.”

Please, Sloclap, don’t insult me. I can handle it. Just let me put on my good boots first.

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