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Ace Attorney creator's other mystery puzzler is headed to PC this summer

The leaks were true

Once again, the age ratings don't lie. It was widely reported last year that Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, the 2010 Nintendo DS banger from the creator of Phoenix Wright, had been rated in Korea for release on PC.

It was confirmed last night during the surprisingly PC-relevant Nintendo Direct. A remaster will come to Steam this summer.

Here's the trailer confirming it:

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Ghost Trick casts you as a recently deceased detective who returns as a ghost and continues to thwart crime. You can possess corpses and inanimate objects in order to solve puzzles, save lives, and solve your own murder. It's odd and funny, as per many DS games of the era. Better yet it's from Shu Takumi, the creator and writer of the Ace Attorney series - which are surely the benchmark for odd and funny DS detective games.

The remaster brings the game to PC for the first time, with new 1080p graphics and 60 frames per second. It'll also support controllers, features nine languages (including three that are new), and adds new "Ghost Puzzles".

Honestly, even if it didn't do all those things, it's just great news that a fantastic and creative puzzle game is heading to PC after years of only being available on DS and iOS. It'll be available via Steam when it does launch this summer, although there's no Steam page for it yet.

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