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Hit paranormal puzzler Ghost Trick's remaster finally arrives in June

Shu Takumi's Nintendo DS banger is back from the dead

Paranormal puzzler Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective has waited a long time for a revival, but Capcom have finally landed on a date for their remaster: June 30th. The game was previously leaked via an age rating last year, before an official confirmation in last month’s surprisingly PC-centric Nintendo Direct. Now, after a long wait, fans can look forward to bloody crimes and ghostly possessions this summer.

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If you’re unacquainted, Ghost Trick was a 2010 Nintendo DS banger from Ace Attorney creator Shu Takumi, which followed a murdered man (you) who’s reawakened as a crime-solving ghost (also you, just dead.) You might recognise the protagonist Sissel as the striking, red-suited, face-down-ass-up man from all of the game’s promo materials.

The remaster keeps the original’s puzzles intact, allowing you to possess other bodies and inanimate objects through the spirit world, in order to fight crime, save lives, and regain your memory in the real one. I’ll miss the original’s stylus-led puzzles, but at least the remaster comes with a dose of other improvements.

The upcoming release includes HD graphics and a rearranged soundtrack from Ace Attorney composer Yasumasa Kitagawa, although you can switch between the old and new soundtracks at any point. There’s also a brand-new gallery that displays artwork and music for your viewing/listening pleasure.

News of Ghost Trick’s release date came from yesterday’s Capcom Spotlight show, where the publisher pushed many of their upcoming games such as Resident Evil 4 remake and its brand-new demo, and their dino-hunting live-service Exoprimal.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective will come back from the dead on June 30th for PC and all modern consoles. The game is available to pre-order on Steam for £25/€30/$30 - doing so gives you access to four screen backgrounds and two songs in the gallery.

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