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2K Games Teasing New Game With Daft Website

BioShock in... oh, never mind

2K Games are going to announce a new game soon. You can tell because the publishers are tweeting links to a faux-hacked website covered with concept art of sci-fi cityscapes. That and we can pretty much guarantee every publisher will be announcing a new game soon. E3 is only weeks away, after all. This 2K game will possibly be called Advent, but also possibly not.

And that's about as much as we know about it. The website is an in-universe advert for some kind of utopian futurecity that promises a "brighter future together". Hacked-in warnings about missing citizens suggest that might be too good to be true. So, a science-fiction thriller then.

There’s a whiff of ARG about it, but nothing yet suggests that there are any hidden clues linking to information about the game, so it's likely we'll have to wait until E3 to hear more about it. What we do know and might speculate is connected is that 2K recently set up Hangar 13, a "super studio" dedicated to "delivering mature experiences loaded with meaningful choices". They’re also eager to find their next BioShock-sized franchise. Could it be Advent?

If this is Hangar 13's first game, then that would at least give us reason to be intrigued, but even that is speculation at this point.

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