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Against The Storm will get two more free updates before its first DLC

DLC will add new species, biomes and more

A settlement in Against The Storm.
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/Hooded Horse

Against The Storm is a peach; a fantasy citybuilder that was excellent in Early Access, a Bestest Best when it hit 1.0, and which has been tweaked and improved through post-release patches.

The patches won't stop, either. In a 2024 roadmap, its developers have outlined two further free updates still to come, as well as confirming that paid DLC is in the works.

Update 1.1 released last month with a set of changes designed to make the early game of the roguelite citybuilder more varied.

Update 1.2, meanwhile, will add a Production/Consumption Trends window. This lets you see the resource history of the last 30-minutes of game time, giving you an easier view of your city's performance. Other confirmed features include Blightpost upgrades, new icons, and support for "Latin American Spanish".

"The roadmap is not complete and includes only the major confirmed features," says the full announcement. "As always, you can expect that each update will be accompanied by a solid portion of smaller UX features and improvements, balance changes, and fixes."

Free update 1.3 will follow, although there are no confirmed features for that yet, before Against The Storm's first paid expansion arrives. The DLC will feature a new playable species, a new biome, new buildings and events, perks and orders.

Against The Storm is a roguelike citybuilder in which you follow the Queen's orders by directing anthropomorphic animal species to build settlements on the frontier of a fantasy world blighted by apocalyptic rains. While "roguelike" might conjure an image of brutal difficulty, here it feels like a boon, letting you focus on a small, single-purpose settlement, then move on to the next as you gradually move across the world map. It's grand, with Liam calling it a bold step forward for its genre(s) in his Against The Storm review.

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