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Agrarian Game Again: Farming Simulator 2015 Trailer

Life ain't nothin' but hoes and money

It's the time of year for 'revealing' seemingly inevitable yearly sequels; first Football Manager 2015 and now the similarly field-based Farming Simulator 2015. Only one game can reasonably lay claim to the feature "BREED YOUR CATTLE", though. The first, very pretty trailer is below.

The accompanying release brags of all manner of newness: "A new graphics and physics engine, new visual effects, a new interface, new gameplay mechanics and, of course, a new and vast game environment." There's also a 16-player multiplayer mode (!) and the game now even includes logging. Of logs!

A permeating bloom effect, fields full of wild flowers, and cute barnyard animals make this seem like a gloriously relaxing time. Friends who have played previous entries in the series: is it? Should I add cultivating crops to my various side jobs, alongside hauling freight in Euro Truck Simulator and OMSI bus driving? My only experience with the series thus far was the 3DS version from a few years ago, and it was so devoid of physics or personality that its featureless landscapes felt like purgatory.

This trailer seems considerably more serene than the E3 teaser, which revealed logging (of logs) machinery so mercilessly efficient at devouring trees that it triggers a panic response whenever I watch it.

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