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All chat commands and how to turn off chat in Path Of Exile

All the commands you could want.

Path of Exile’s chat system allows players to talk to one another easily and without barriers. There’s all kinds of ways to chat to fellow Path of Exile players, including the ability to communicate with players throughout the world and console commands to help you tweak all sorts of stuff.

In this guide you'll learn how to use commands and communicate with players in Path Of Exile.

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How to use commands in Path Of Exile

The chat box is mapped to enter on your keyboard by default, but you can also click on the tiny speech bubble at the top left of your health bar. From here, you can choose which category you want to chat in.

To type in the Global chat you’ll need to begin your message with a #, which is automatically added when you select the ‘Global’ option to the left of the text box. The same is true of all the other kinds of chat - see the list below for prefixes to use for each type of chat.

  • Global: #
  • Trade: $
  • Party: %
  • Whisper: @[username]
  • Guild: &

Global is for general conversation with other Path Of Exile players when you’re traversing the land. Trade is another important one, as it lets you offer and accept items for trade with other players (at your own risk). To message a specific player, type their username after the @ suffix and only they will see your message.

You can turn off any one of these chats by clicking the tabs above the list of messages. For example, clicking on ‘Global’ will remove all Global chat messages, and the same is true for all other categories.

Chat Commands

The chat box lets you input various commands to use for a number of helpful reasons, from party management to stats and silly little tidbits. Here’s a list of commands and what they do - they all start with a slash (/), and if you’re in-game you can always input ‘/help’ to get a fairly comprehensive list. Here’s every possible input though, thanks to the folks over at the Path Of Exile Wiki.

/helpLists most possible commands
/bugAllows you to report a bug, and gives a reference number.
/ladderShows the top 10 characters on the current ladder.
/playedShows how long your current character has been played.
/ageShows how long ago your character was created.
/passivesShows you a summary of your passive skill points.
/deathsShows how many times your character has died.
/remainingShows how many monsters are currently alive in your area.
/destroyDestroys the item your cursor is currently on.
/itemlevelShows the level of the item on the cursor.
/pvpShows Win/Loss/Disconnect stats for 1v1 and 3v3 PVP.
/fixmyhelmetUpdates an existing non-unique helmet to new art.
/oosForces resync with the server.
/danceDo a dance.
/status (text)Displays a new status to your friends, visible in the social window.
/invite (character name)Sends a party invite to the character in question.
/kick (character name)Kick the party member back out.
/party_description (description)Changes the description of the current party to whatever you write.
/tradewith (character name)Opens trading option with the named character - you must be in the same town hub to trade.
/friend (character name)Adds character to your friend list.
/unfriend (character name)Removes character from friend list.
/accept (character name)Accepts friend request from character.
/ignore (character name) Adds player to ignore list, so they can't message you.
/unignore (character name)Removes player from ignore list.
/clear_ignore_listRemoves everyone from your ignore list.
/whois (character name)Shows you a character's level, class, league, and online status.
/afk (message)Turns AFK mode on with the specified message auto-responding to anyone who messages you.
/afkoffTurns off AFK mode.
/dnd (message)Turns on Do Not Disturb mode, which stops all messages being received, along with a custom auto reply if specified.
/global (number)Joins global chat of the specified number (820 is popular for quest sharing).
/trade (number)Join the trade chat of the specified number.
/cls or /clearClears all text from chat.
/hideoutSends you to your hideout from town.
/hideout (character name)Sends you to a specific character's hideout.
/menagerieFast travels to your Menagerie from town.
/delveFast travels to your Azurite Mine from town.
/harvestFast travels to your Sacred Grove from town.
/metamorphFast travels to Tane's Laboratory from town.
/exitQuit to the Character Select screen
/reset_xpResets your experience-per-hour estimation.
/autoreply (message)Replies with a specific message when someone messages you.
/nochatGets chat to shut up.
/save_hideoutSaves your current Hideout layout to a file you can load and share later.
/spectate (character name)Spectate a specific guildmate or friend.

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