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All our official RPS shirts and hoodies are 10% off until Saturday

The ultimate RPS-approved bargain.

Have you visited the RPS Teespring Store yet? If not, and you fancy availing yourself of one of our fine t-shirts or PC Goliath hoodies to declare your allegiance in the ongoing website wars, then you'll be pleased to know that you can get 10% off all of our lovely RPS merch until midnight on Saturday August 1st.

All you need to do is enter the promo code HOTFLASH10 at checkout, and Teespring will slash 10% off your order with a crack of their mighty PC Goliath mouse whip. Easy!

We have three bits of merch available right now - the white tee and black hoodie pictured above which feature our mighty PC Goliath doing battle with three warriors known only in legend as Rock, Paper and Shotgun, and a fetching purple tee with our beloved logo, which we've included below for your viewing pleasure:

An image of our purple RPS tee, which features the site's Rock Paper Shotgun logo in the centre.

It's not just RPS' official merch store that's having a 10% off sale either. If you're also a fan of our friends at Digital Foundry, then you can get 10% off their fine array of apparel with the same code, too. As well as DF tees, hoodies and crew jumpers in their Digital Foundry Teespring store, they also have DF mugs that have (probably) been forged from the remains of retro consoles and ancient silicon chips or something. We've also put in a request for Horace mugs, I should add, but we fear his endless form may be too much for a single bit of ceramic.

Remember, the code only lasts until the end of Saturday, after which you'll have to pay normal price for everything. So go forth and have a gander at our RPS Teespring Store to see if anything takes your fancy.

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