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All Valorant streamers can now give you access to the closed beta

Any streamer playing Valorant can activate drops

Riot have changed up the beta key dropping process for their upcoming tactical shooter, Valorant, making it so anyone who streams the game on Twitch can enable drops for their viewers. For those of you still trying to get access to the coveted closed beta, it basically means you don't have to watch the same handful of official streams to get one.

This doesn't increase the number of drops Riot are giving out mind you, it just means there are more streams you can watch now to get your hands on one.

Previously you could only get access from watching particular big name streamers like OnScreen, Pokimane, TimTheTatman, and a bunch of others. So this news is probably best for smaller streamers who've managed to get hold of Valorant themselves, and can now steal away a handful of the thousands viewers currently trying to get their own drops.

At the time of writing, Valorant is still top of the board on Twitch, with 666k viewers (400k above the next most popular game, which is, of course, Riot's League Of Legends). It's already breaking Twitch viewer records - last week the game pulled in 1.7 million viewers, matching Fortnite's record for the number of people watching a single game at the same time.

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Riot also mentioned in their post about the changes that they've already banned account sellers trying to make a quick buck off of fans desperate to get into the beta. So if you are lucky enough to get a drop, don't be that guy.

And if you do get in, keep your eyes peeled for our Matt. He's managed to get video evidence that he's quite good at Valorant, pulling off some sneaky plays to wipe entire teams.

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