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Valorant Ascent map callouts and tips

Learn the callouts that everyone should know on Valorant's latest map

Valorant Reyna guide - 20 tips on how to pop off as Reyna

Everyone loves an overpowered vampire

5 days ago

Valorant map Split is no longer an attackers’ nightmare

Do you ever play Valorant and just do a little sigh when you see what map has been picked from the pool for your next match? For me, that's Split (and also Icebox actually, but this post isn't about that freezy fiend). Split's always been a tough one for attackers, with its annoyingly tight choke points you'd need to funnel down, and far too many…

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7 days ago

Feature: New year, old games

Our favourite games of 2020

What's up gamers? It's 2021 and that means it's time to round up the team's favourite games of 2020. You'll already know our selections if you read our annual Advent Calendar, but this post gathers all those words and games together in one convenient package.

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2 weeks ago

Valorant’s new teleporting wizard Yoru arrives today

Riot Games are dropping a sneaky new character into Valorant later tonight. His name is Yoru, and not only can he go invisible, but he can fake the sound of teammates' footsteps and teleport to get the drop on everyone. He sounds like a lot of fun to play, and a lot less fun to play against. He's arriving with the tactical shooter's second Episode,…

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Riot and Bungie join forces to sue Valorant and Destiny 2 cheatmakers

Riot Games and Bungie have teamed up to sue a pesky cheatmaker who's been selling hacks for their games, Valorant and Destiny 2 (amongst others). In a joint lawsuit filed by the companies on Friday, they accuse GatorCheats of selling and distributing "malicious software products designed to enable members of the public to gain unfair competitive advantage."

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Valorant’s stealthy new agent Yoru arrives next week

It looks like the leak was right: Valorant's next agent is a tricksy teleporter named Yoru. The character was unofficially revealed by a Russian YouTube channel earlier this week, but now Riot Games have made him official. Edgy lad Yoru is set to debut in the tactical FPS next week on January 12th, which just so happens to be the start date of the game's…

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3 weeks ago

Valorant leak reveals new agent is another tricksy teleporter

With Valorant's current season (or Act) finishing up next week, you might find yourself wondering what new stuff is in store for Riot Games' magical tactical FPS. Well, according to a Russian leak, a new character is on the way. It looks like Agent 14 will be a new sneaky teleporting lad named Yoru, who can fake footsteps and turn himself completely invisible. I already…

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1 month ago

Valorant’s Snowball Fight is the sort of chilled-out mode it needed

Some days, you just wanna play a bit of Valorant, you know? But occasionally you're a bit too tired or not in the mood for the tense competitive matches Riot Games' tactical FPS typically has on offer. Which is why the new winter mode is great. Yesterday, Valorant introduced the limited-time Snowball Fight, and I think running around pelting people with snow is exactly the…

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2 months ago

Valorant’s first holiday event is a snowball fight with knives

On December 15th, Valorant will see its first ever Christmas update, and what better way to celebrate than to pelt your pals with snowballs in a new limited-time game mode. Of course, no snowball fight is complete without a grenade launcher and knives, right? In Valorant's Snowball Fight, you'll be loading up some snowy doom into a rigged molotov launcher, and you'll have your trusty…

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PSA: don’t play Valorant while waiting for banana bread to bake

"Lads, let's wrap this up. I've got banana bread in the oven." Words I foolishly typed into the text chat of my Valorant match to inform my teammates that I did not have time to mess about - I had baked goods at stake. I made many mistakes on Sunday. The first was thinking I could get in a quick round of Riot's tactical FPS…

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Feature: One mired in negative stereotypes

The mainstream FPS only knows one kind of Latina

I cried when I first saw Sombra at the 2016 BlizzCon opening keynote. I remembered feeling uncomfortable as a child when I saw Tetra transform into Princess Zelda in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker; I saw how the change was framed as an upgrade from an unremarkable brown pirate to an ethereal pale princess worth Herculean and Hyrulian efforts alike to save. Any pride…

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3 months ago

Riot rewind today’s “technical nightmare” of a Valorant update

Well, that didn't stick. Earlier today, Valorant began rolling out version 1.11, adding animal-yeeting Aussie hero Skye and a frosty new Icebox map. But following a host of bizarre hiccups, it now looks like Riot have decided to slam the pause button, calling the update a "technical nightmare" and delaying the update's proper arrival 'til later this week.

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Valorant’s new bird-throwing agent Skye arrives today

Today, Riot's tactical FPS Valorant says hello to a new agent. Australian healer Skye will not just treat your wounds, but she'll throw various animals at your enemies to blind and stall them while she's at it. She's also very cute, and looks a bit like Artemis from Hades.This patch, version 1.11, comes with a bunch of changes to some of the other characters, too,…

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Valorant ushers in Act 3 with an icy new map today

Valorant's third Act drops today, and it's bringing a bounty of lovely new things to Riot's guns and wizards first-person shooter. The first and most notable of these is a cold new map called Icebox. Then there are updates to ranked play and the deathmatch game mode. And to top it all off, later in Act 3 we'll see a new wizard arrive, too. Her…

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4 months ago

Valorant’s new agent is a healer who throws animals at her enemies

It looks like Valorant is getting a new healer that might take some of the pressure off of all you Sage mains this month. Last night, Riot Games gave us our first proper look at the upcoming agent, Skye. Her kit comes with a big old area heal, as well as various animals she can throw at people to blind them, and she's arriving in…

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Valorant’s new character won’t arrive until later in Act 3

Riot Games have announced Valorant's next agent will be arriving a little later than planned, so they can prioritise getting their cold new map ready for the beginning of Act 3. This Act kicks off on October 13th, with the new character joining the tactical FPS a couple weeks later on October 27th. The devs have even given us our first look at her -…

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Valorant’s latest patch has nerfed the Operator hard

If you're invested in the competitive side of Valorant, you probably know how it feels to be dropped by an Operator time and time again. If a player was good enough with the sniper rifle, they could nab it early on and effectively dominate a match singlehandedly. When it came to countering them, it felt like there just weren't enough options. Well, Valorant's latest patch…

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Valorant’s director wants to add some chilled social spaces to the competitive FPS

Valorant can be a pretty tense game. Not that that's a bad thing - the tension in competitive games is what brings most of the excitement, but it usually comes hand in hand with a fair amount of stress. Now, Riot's tactical FPS has already got a couple of slightly less competitive modes if you aren't feeling up to a full match, but it would…

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5 months ago

Valorant’s latest patch accidentally makes Omen invulnerable

Valorant's latest big patch is live, with loads of buffs, nerfs and tweaks for agents and gameplay mechanics alike. Riot's tactical FPS has had a few issues with hit registration since it came out, and this update has some changes to the game's visual effects to give a bit more clarity as to where your bullets are actually going.We're also getting buffs for characters like…

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6 months ago

Valorant has temporarily removed Raze because her ultimate is very broken

If you've played as or against Valorant's explodey agent Raze, you'll know that her ultimate ability is pretty darn strong. It's basically a massive rocket launcher that fires off a single shot, but one so powerful it can instantly kill all enemies in a decent-sized blast radius. As you might expect, it can be pretty hard to avoid, so in yesterday's Act 2 patch Riot…

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