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Ultimate Audio Bang podcast: into the depths of dark lore

Now I know why Widowmaker is blue

On this week's episode of the Ultimate Audio Bang, the video game drought continues, but Imogen managed to pluck some news from the parched earth with her special news detector. The first find - Warzone's huge mid-season update. It promises trucks, which is always a good thing in my books. There's also some chat over Apex Legends new Arena map which is messy, chaotic, goodness.

Then we dive into our theme of the week, which sees Imogen guide me through D A R K lore. Turns out Overwatch and Valorant's heroes and agents aren't as heroic as they seem. I mean, I now know why Widowmaker is blue. I thought she was an alien being or something, but clearly not.

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Then to round things off, I surprise Imogen with three player names I've encountered recently. We both quickly come to realise that they teach me a lot about myself, and thus, these segments become journeys of discovery.

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