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Ultimate Audio Bang podcast: The Ping system is the best when you're not chatty

Ping of the hill

Imogen and I recorded this episode of Ultimate Audio Bang last week, as I've been enjoying a few days off this week. We thought it would be a lighter episode, but in fact, we touched on many things in shooterland. Mainly, we focused on pinging, rounded up the news, and we talked about Imogen's knees.

And if my voice sounds more sultry, frightened, and clear, it's because I'm finally using a proper microphone. So I hope you enjoy the HD remaster of Ed Thorn and don't picture me hunched over the mic like a gremlin.

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Our theme this week is pinging in shooters and how it's pretty good, actually. We're just not sure how pings are going to work in a game as hectic as Overwatch 2.

I've also not had the chance to really drop into the Warzone lately. Since things have opened up, I've spent most of my evenings playing badminton and developing horrid blisters on my feet. This means that I'm not only in agony when I walk, but that I've not managed to secure three names to surprise Imogen with.

However, Imogen is a seasoned professional and came prepared. Instead of the usual triage of silly names, we chatted about the origins of her bizarre clan tag in Apex Legends and I am once again confused and... mildly disturbed?

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