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AMD's blazing-fast Ryzen 9 5900X processor is £342 after a £168 reduction

The lowest price we've ever seen on AMD's flagship Ryzen 5000 CPU.

Ebay is offering 15% off on a range of a products, allowing you to get the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 12-core processor for a historic low price: £342. To get the discount, use code BIG15 at the checkout.

This deal is for a new boxed CPU from... Box, a relatively well-known British tech retailer. The same CPU costs £369 at Amazon, £400 at Ebuyer and £390 at Overclockers, so this is the cheapest price by some margin.

Beyond this, is the 5900X a good processor? I'd say so - it offers extremely good gaming performance in a wide range of titles, trading blows even with Intel's 12th-gen processors, and it does so while using significantly less power than the Blue Team's latest. AMD AM4 motherboards are cheap and plentiful, and you don't need to get expensive DDR5 RAM or run Windows 11 to get the most out of this CPU. The 5900X is also extremely good at content creation workloads, thanks to its high core count and great single-core performance, making it a good all-rounder.

AMD is reportedly preparing its next-gen CPUs on a new AM5 socket to arrive sometime this year, but these processors will require expensive DDR5 RAM and aren't likely to offer a massive increase in performance - at least, not yet. If you get the 5900X, you won't be able to make any meaningful CPU upgrades down the line without changing motherboards, but given the low price of this high-end processor, I think you'll have enough in your budget to make the switch once you feel it's worthwhile. Personally, I tend to buy the new stuff when it comes out because it's part of my job to stay up to date, but the best strategy in terms of value is always to be a late-adopter. If that's you, this is an awesome deal on a critically acclaimed processor - so grab it while it's up.

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