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American Truck Simulator pulls into Idaho today

Do you know, Idaho?

It's time to update your American Truck Simulator road atlas, drivers. The big stateside truck 'em up heads deeper into the midwest today with American Truck Simulator - Idaho, adding miles and miles of the state's valleys, potato pastures and cold hard tarmac to haul your way across - and a new Viewpoints feature to give you a fresh perspective from outside the cab.

Admittedly, what little I know about "the gem state" comes from a 15-second glance at its Wikipedia page and a handful of Noah Gervais travelogues. I do know that Craters Of The Moon National Park looks lovely, mind, and I'm glad to see the volcanic hellscape made the jump into SCS's facsimile.

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From Boise to Ketchum, today's DLC adds 11 towns and cities from across the state - knitted together with 3,300 miles of highways, roads and trails to tear down in your 18-wheeler. Jobs will centre on expanding the local timber and farming industries, and you'll be able to park at properly authentic rest points that I'm told "truckers will know from the real world". I'm a writer, not a trucker, so I'll need any drivers in the comments to confirm that for me.

New to the series are Viewpoints, which provide a nice little cinematic shot of landmark buildings, natural wonders, while providing a little insight into the history of the land. Idaho also arrives looking a bit nicer than its predecessors, courtesy of a small graphical update that added SSAO to the truck 'em up last week. It's a small touch, and hardly groundbreaking, but definitely helps to add a little more physicality to the game's highways.

Fellow newsie and Midwesterner Lauren Morten was a little lukewarm on an expansion taking place in her own back yard. But hey, if you're up for another digital road-trip, American Truck Simulator - Idaho is out now on Steam for £9/€12/$12. After that, 'Murrica Trucks is heading up the Rockies for a trip to Colorado.

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