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Anthem factions - Champions of Tarsis, upgrading your reputation with Freelancers, Sentinels, and Arcanists

Anthem's Fort Tarsis is the hub for all of your upgrade needs, but it is also home to several factions. Each have a different agenda that is at odds with each other. In our guide to the factions of Anthem, we'll go over each of the factions, as well as the rewards you can obtain for doing favours for them.

Four Javelins on a mission, under an arched piece of land.

Anthem factions guide

Looking for help with missions, or how to get to grips with navigation in Anthem? Be sure to check out our Anthem guide for everything you need to know about Bioware's latest space adventure. Each of the factions in Anthem are separate groups with different objectives to further their agenda. This will inevitably put them at odds with each other, meaning that you need to balance your relationships.

There are three main factions in Anthem that you can increase your reputation with are the Sentinels, Freelancers, and the Arcanists. Each one give bonus items by furthering your reputation with them by completing missions, talking to people, and through natural progression of play. They can all be found in Fort Tarsis and will give you new missions and contracts - all of which can be discovered for yourself in our Anthem Missions guide.

Champions of Tarsis - farming reputation points

Maximising all three reputation gauges to Loyalty 3 will unlock the "Champions of Tarsis" challenges. These require you to raise all three reputation to 50,000. Your reward for doing so is as follows:

  • Gold metal shading for armour
  • Gunslinger's Mark Masterwork blueprint
  • Elusive Talisman Masterwork blueprint
  • Tactical Advantage Masterwork blueprint
  • Emblem of Destruction Masterwork blueprint
  • Combined Arms Masterwork blueprint
  • Shock Treatment Masterwork blueprint
  • Token of the Master Masterwork blueprint
  • Talisman of Power Masterwork blueprint
  • 2000 coin

As for ways to farm reputation points, there's currently no concrete way to do it. You'll need to complete missions, speak to the townsfolk in Fort Tarsis, and complete World Events in the game's Freeplay mode - details found in our Anthem Map guide. You can also go through each of the Strongholds repeatedly on the easiest to gain 200 faction reputation. Which one depends on your Stronghold mission of choice:

  • Tyrant Mine - +200 Arcanist Rep
  • Temple of Scar - +200 Sentinel Rep
  • Heart of Rage - +200 Freelancer Rep

So yes, 50,000 for each is going to take a long time, so it's therefore better to just work on other things as you'll get reputation points regardless. Of course, that's not all you can unlock, more on the other stuff for each faction below.

Freelancer Yarrow

The Freelancers

This is what the player is and the group in general is under a bit of bother. Their reputation was tarnished after the Heart of Rage incident, so you'll need to do tasks for others in order to boost their standing in Fort Tarsis. Your main contact is Yarrow - a man who merely seeks to honour the fallen. Doing tasks for the Freelancers will increase your standing with them, which nets you some great rewards. On top of this, you'll get better quality versions of each of your Javelins - information on all four in our Anthem Javelins guide, so that they look a little less scruffy.

  • Freelancer Loyalty 1 - Uncommon Universal Component blueprints, "Standard" wear state.
  • Freelancer Loyalty 2 - Rare Universal Component blueprints, "Clean" wear state.
  • Freelancer Loyalty 3- Epic Universal Component blueprints, "New"wear state.

Sentinel Brin

The Sentinels

These are the sheriffs of Anthem. Believing in justice and maintaining order above all others, they see themselves as the protectors of the colonies humanity inhabits. They seem to find Freelancers untrustworthy, due to their independence resulting in an element of unreliability. It is perhaps your job to convince them otherwise.

  • Sentinel Loyalty 1 - Uncommon Iconic Component blueprints.
  • Sentinel Loyalty 2 - Rare Iconic Component blueprints, Tin, Iron, and Lead metal shadings for armour.
  • Sentinel Loyalty 3 - Epic Iconic Component blueprints, Nickel, Chromium, and Titanium metal shadings for armour.

Matthias of the Arcanists.

The Arcanists

If Cyphers want to relay information psychically, the Arcanists want to store it in files or books. These librarians wish to research the natural and technological frontiers, with their goal being to preserve a complete knowledge bank that anyone can reference.

  • Arcanist Loyalty 1 - Uncommon Match Consumable blueprints.
  • Arcanist Loyalty 2 - Rare Match Consumable blueprints, Tungsten, Silver, and Platinum metal shadings for armour.
  • Arcanist Loyalty 3 - Epic Match Consumable blueprints, Bronze, Brass, and Copper metal shadings for armour.

That's all for our guide to the factions, but in order to get to the best stuff, you'll need to be of a certain level. Go to our Anthem Pilot and Javelin levels guide for every tip we have for increasing both your pilot level and Javelin level.

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