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Anthem Map - Freeplay World events and hidden places explained

Flying along in anthem looking for treasure near a waterfall
Image credit: Rock Paper Shotgun/BioWare

You're forced into Freeplay in Anthem a number of times, but just because you have to, doesn't mean it's pointless. There's plenty to do here, such as farm for materials, embers, and kills on enemies of certain ranks. This guide includes a map of the world of Anthem, while also going over World Events in Freeplay mode, as well as point out the significance in Hidden Places.

Looking for help with missions, or how to get to grips with navigation in Anthem? Be sure to check out our Anthem guide for everything you need to know about Bioware's latest space adventure. You can also look at our Anthem loot guide for more on the ins and outs of loot farming.

Anthem Freeplay guide

A map showing all the World Events, some chest locations, and Titan locations.

Click the image above for the full size version.

Freeplay map

Above is a map, created and uploaded in the comments of a similar World map post by Reddit user "epironron", that includes all of the possible World Event locations in the game. The blue dots indicate where a World Event will spawn, while the blue dots with yellow circles are spawn points for Titans - particularly difficult foes that will need multiple players to take them down. It also includes some of the treasure chest locations, in case you're still hunting for them for precious loot.

Taking on some Outlaws in one of the game's world events.

World events

As you fly around gathering resources and finding chests hidden across the world, you'll come across requests for help. These tend to appear in specific areas of the map, though the areas are relatively wide. If you want the widest concentration of world events to appear, head to the Grand Falls Canyon region as there are at least five spots where these missions can spawn - even if the world events you'll find are randomised.

Here is a list of all the world events that are currently in the game. Note that some of them seem to have a limited time frame in which they'll appear. You can check out the latest ones by heading back into Fort Tarsis, and going to the Newsfeed on your map. It's towards the north of the city and it's next to Owen.

  • Outlaw Gangs - Some outlaws are attacking the area. You'll need to defeat all of them, including the reinforcements that appear partway through, in order to complete the event.
  • Find Corvus Agent - A Corvus Agent died in the area. Recover and protect the link while it's scanning to find where they hid the data. After finding two pieces of data, defeat the boss to get the third.
  • Rescue Corvus Agent - A Corvus Agent is under attack by the local Skorpions. After defeating them, you'll then need to defeat Dominion, Outlaw, or Scar forces, while protecting the Agent.
  • Sentinel Support - Some Sentinels will be ambushed by enemies. Revive them and defend them from waves of enemies. You may need to escort them to their objective as well.
  • Arcanist Secrets - Collect all the nodes after activating the Vault within the time limit. You'll then need to attune it by sticking close to it while fending off enemies.
  • Skorpion Infestation - A Skorpion hive is nearby, which you'll need to kill to reduce the chance of them attacking a settlement.
  • Strider Distress You'll need to repair a Strider that has been disabled in battle. Enemies will be attacking it too, so switch between killing them and fixing the Strider to complete the event.
  • Enemy Encampment - Destroy the enemy camp defences and their supplies.
  • Silence the Shaper Relic - Collect all the Shaper fragments while the Shaper Artifact spawns enemies.
  • Dominion Titan - The Dominion are trying to unleash a Titan - a monstrous foe. Destroy any equipment being used to do this before it's unleashed. Should you fail, you'll then need to kill the Titan.
  • Titan - Titans most commonly spawn either in Emerald Abyss or Valley of Tarsis regions, but if you see them, you'll need to kill it. It's a rare world event compared to the others.

Entering one of the many hidden places.

Hidden places

These areas are usually part of the various missions in the game, but you can revisit them in Freeplay. Doing so will pit you against one of the three enemy factions (Scar, Outlaw, or Dominion) and it usually culminates in a fight against a Legendary enemy. They're dotted all around the map, so look at the legend on the map to find the ones available to you.

You can also find a lot of resources, such as Chimeric Alloys, in ones such as the Hidden Place towards the bottom right of the map. Once you reach the end, you'll usually find a chest with some goodies, as well as a terminal that takes you back outside the hidden place you're currently in.

As for other things you can do in Freeplay,  you can check our guide to Anthem Tomb of the Legionnaires freeplay mission, since you're likely to spend a lot of time trying to work out how best to complete it to progress the story. The resources that you pick up in Freeplay can also be taken back to Fort Tarsis, so check out our Anthem Crafting guide for more.

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