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Anthem Tomb of the Legionnaires - treasure chest locations, the quickest way to find 15 treasure chests

Flying along in anthem looking for treasure near a waterfall
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Anthem's Tomb of the Legionnaires freeplay quest is one of the more tedious parts of the main campaign. It requires you to complete a lot of challenges, the most annoying of which asking you to find a bunch of chests dotted around the map. So to get you further into the game with as little hassle as possible, this guide will go over the treasure chests locations, and explain the best ways to complete the rest of the challenges.

Anthem Tomb of the Legionnaires guide

Looking for help with missions, or how to get to grips with navigation in Anthem? Be sure to check out our Anthem guide for everything you need to know about Bioware's latest space adventure. You get the Tomb of the Legionnaires challenges after a story mission where you reunite with Faye. It's highly recommended that as soon as it appears, you go and find the four tombs.

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Quickest way to get 15 treasure chests

It's highly likely that the source of your frustration with this quest is to do with the treasure chests. This is part of the Trial of Yvenia, more on where to find that in a bit, and at the time of writing requires you to physically open the chests - however this will change so that being near a chest that's currently being opened will count towards the trial progress. The reason that this is important is because chests have fixed locations, but don't always spawn there - maybe because someone got there first and it needs chance to respawn. I would recommend that you do this trial last out of all of them, but keep an eye out for chests along the way so that you won't need as many to complete the challenge later on.

So how do you get this trial done quickly so you can move on? Well it does involve a bit of busywork. I've put a video guide above that explains the fastest way to complete this challenge, but I'll explain how to do it here as well.

  1. Load up freeplay mode in the area close to Fort Tarsis. You should look to do this in Hard mode as fewer people will be around to poach the chest in question.
  2. Jump off the edge and fly to the first set of double waterfalls.
  3. Dive down all the way to the bottom of the river and you should see a chest. If it is glowing, it's ripe for the taking. If it isn't, then someone beat you to it.
  4. Regardless if you got it or not, load up the menu and quit Freeplay to return to Fort Tarsis.
  5. Rinse and repeat to nab the 15 chests.

Treasure chest locations

There are some others you can find nearby if the method above is not quick enough for you. Just follow the steps below to find them:

  • From the Free Play spawn point, head to the turret to the east.
  • Dive into the waterfall to the north west.
  • Get out of the water and head north-east, looking for a tent on a ledge.
  • This one's on the rocky area by another tent to the west across the water.
  • Head north-east a short distance and fly down, looking towards the nearby cliff.
  • Go north-west and look behind the rock at the summit of the cliff.
  • Head west to the camp area in the Watchtower of Arath region.
  • Keep heading due west and climb high up. It's behind the bridge, in a leafy area.
  • Turn back and head to the northern part of the canyon and look inside the ruined tower.
  •  Cross the cliff into the centre of the Great Falls Canyon region. It's close to a bunch of bridges.
  • Head north slightly from the last chest. You'll find this one underwater.
  • Swim into a cave behind you. Where you can emerge, you'll find another chest.
  • Head to the end of the cave for another chest.
  • Get out of the water and head south. This is in the Valley of Tarsis, against the wall to the west of the region. Look to where there are hanging rocks.
  • Head east to where the cliff on the south-side of the region in the map sticks out. You'll see a bridge, with some fighting going on. Head north of that to find a cave that contains treasure.
  • Back to the bridge, there's some water, so dive in to find another chest at the bottom.
  • Out of the water, there is a cave nearby that has another one.
  • Follow the lake towards the south and dive in as you get close to the word "Tarsis" on the map.
  • Head back up north a fair distance. You'll come across a gigantic rock in the Great Falls Canyon region. Check the other side of this rock.
  • Go south west from the last chest and you'll find a blue tinted cave you can enter through. At the end, look to the left to find a smaller  cave containing the treasure.
  • Head east to the edge of the Valley of Tarsis region. You'll find this in the cave behind a tower, near the wall on the east.
  • Head to the blue tinted cave higher on the hill to the south of the previous chest.

Entrance to the Tomb of Yvenia. Two Sentinels are guarding the entrance.

Tomb of the Legionnaires Trials

As for the rest of the trials, there is a wide variety of difficulty. When you first get the mission, you'll have their locations marked on the map.

  • Trial of Cariff - In the Emerald Abyss, you need to explore the northernmost point of the area.
  • Trial of Gawnes - When looking at the world map, look for the words "Fortress of Dawn". Between the letters F and O, you'll find the tomb.
  • Trial of Yvenia - North-west of Fort Tarsis, look in the gulf.
  • Trial of Artinia - The entry point is south-east of the Academy Ruins and north of a spire. Look to the large wall close to the river for the tomb entrance.

Trial of Cariff

These trials require a little bit of finesse in how you defeat enemies and relies heavily on your use of gears. You also need to finish three missions in any mode.

  • Complete three missions - Should be straightforward, but you can also use the Quickplay function in the deployment screen to join other freelancers on their missions.
  • 30 Gear defeats - Simple enough, just exclusively use your gears to defeat enemies.
  • 15 Combo Triggers - Should be easy, but if you're struggling, set the difficulty to Normal or Hard and equip the Storm Javelin with either Ice Storm or Ice Blast to prime them, then use a detonator move such as Lightning Bolt, or even your melee attack to perform the combo trigger. It will pop up with a prompt confirming you landed a combo. Look to our Anthem Combos guide for more on Primers and Detonators.
  • Three Multi-kills - Find a cluster of enemies and activate your ultimate ability. You need to kill eight enemies within ten seconds to score a multi-kill. I highly recommend the Storm or Interceptor for this.

Trial of Gawnes

With the Gawnes Trials, just keep killing enemies to finish the trials. Legendary enemies are just tougher variants of the regular enemies, but they spawn more regularly on harder difficulties.

  • 50 melee defeats - Kill enemies with your melee attacks. I highly recommend just wailing on enemies in Easy mode.
  • 50 ultimate defeats - Defeat enemies with your ultimate ability, which if you're going for the multi-kill challenge, you should be on the way to finishing this off. Use Easy mode to pick off the rest.
  • Three Legendary defeats - Any enemy that has the word "Legendary" in their name counts towards this challenge and are slightly tougher than Elite foes. Use Hard mode to make them appear more regularly.

Trial of Yvenia

This is the trial that most people probably get stuck on because of that 15 chests one, however the rest of the trials are relatively straightforward if you know what to look for. Three out of the four trials are scavenger hunts of sorts, while

  • Loot 15 Treasure Chests - This requires you to open and loot 15 chests found within the world. Chests from world events count for this as well, though as mentioned above I highly recommend taking this phase of the trial as the last thing you do since you may have nearly completed it by the time it comes to finish the task.
  • Harvest 25 plants - Much simpler this one since plants are more plentiful. They tend to be more frequent near rivers, so look to the end of them to find clusters of plants.
  • Repair three Javelins - You should try to get a group of friends together and boost each other through this part, but if you don't have that luxury, head into Freeplay on Hard and follow other players. You'll eventually see them go down, so step in to repair them when you can.
  • Collect ten Collectables - This one may take a while as well, but it's best to look around buildings and large clusters of enemies around the world until you find items to pick up.

Trial of Artinia

  • Complete five World Events - These are quests that randomly pop up during freeplay and usually result in a chest being rewarded at the end. I'd go for doing this on Easy and if you're lucky, you can nab a few chests towards one of the more laborious challenges.
  • 30 weapon defeats - Exclusively use your weapons for this one. Don't touch your gears or melee attacks. I recommend doing this one in conjunction with the weak point defeats.
  • 15 weak point defeats - I recommend doing this one on Hard mode as you need to shoot enemies in their critical spot (it's usually the head). If you shoot them in the chest on Hard, they're not likely to perish, while they tend to go down quickly if you land that critical shot.
  • Nine Elite defeats - They have the word "Elite" in their name and are slightly tougher than their regular counterparts. They spawn more regularly on harder difficulties, but there's a healthy number of them in Normal.

That's all for our Tomb of the Legionnaires guide, but there's plenty more to discover in Anthem. Take a look at the Anthem Loadouts guide to get the lowdown on how to equip your gears and weapons. There are also some tough missions for you and others to face, so be sure to be prepared for those expeditions by looking at our Anthem Strongholds guide.

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