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Anthem Javelins - Ranger builds, Colossus builds, Interceptor builds, and Storm builds

Anthem's Javelins are the equivalent of other game's classes. They're wildly different from each other, with some focused on melee attacks or single target abilities, and others that excel with crowd control. This guide goes over the four Javelins, with some general tips for each and all the abilities. It also highlights how to unlock them and how to make their quality as shiny as possible.

Anthem Javelin builds guide

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Anthem Javelin guide contents

Ranger Javelin
Ranger gears
Ranger best gear combos
Ranger best build
Ranger tips
Colossus Javelin
Colossus gears
Colossus best gear combos
Colossus best build
Colossus tips
Interceptor Javelin
Interceptor gears
Interceptor best gear combos
Interceptor best build
Interceptor tips
Storm Javelin
Storm gears
Storm best gear combos
Storm best build
Storm tips
How to unlock Javelins
Switching Javelins
Making Javelins look less scruffy

The Ranger Javelin in Anthem.

Ranger Javelin

The Ranger excels at targeted fire on single targets, but is also a jack-of-all-trades. You can kit out the Ranger with various different types of grenades, as complete with variants for the Assault Launcher. Its support gear generates an area of effect to either protect allies against damage or amplify damage dealt by your friends. They're also quite mobile with a double jump as their jumping type, useful for retreating after their melee attack primes enemies for using gears to detonate.

The Ranger Javelin using its ultimate ability.

Ranger gears

As mentioned, there are two types of ability that the Ranger has to offer: Grenades and the Assault Launcher. Both can be altered with different kinds of modifications and different rarities have different buffs associated with them, so keep cycling through to find the best ones to suit your play style. There are also legendary and masterwork variants that you can learn in our Anthem Masterwork gears guide.

Ability NameGear TypeElementDamage TypeAbility Description
Frag GrenadeGrenadeBlastDetonatorA grenade that explodes in a large area for massive damage.
Inferno GrenadeGrenadeFirePrimerSets enemies on fire, dealing immediate and continuous damage.
Frost GrenadeGrenadeIcePrimerA grenade that freezes nearby opponents on impact.
Seeker GrenadesGrenadeBlastDamageLob one grenade that splits into multiple enemy-seeking missiles.
Sticky GrenadeGrenadeBlastDetonatorA grenade that sticks to enemies or surfaces.
Seeking MissilesAssault LauncherImpactDetonatorLaunches a missile that tracks towards target. Impact combo.
Pulse BlastAssault LauncherImpactDetonatorBlasts a single target with a massive energy burst.
Spark BeamAssault LauncherFireDamageFires a laser that can be focused on one enemy.
Venom DartsAssault LauncherAcidPrimerFires a volley of three acid darts that seeks a single target.
Blast MissileAssault LauncherBlastDamageClears the field with a missile that damages a huge area around the point of impact.
Shock MaceMeleeElectricPrimerHits with a electrified mace.
Multi-Target Missile BatteryUltimateBlastDetonatorLaunches many rockets in an explosive barrage.
Critical Target DamageCombo EffectN/AN/ALarge damage to detonated enemy.
Bulwark PointSupport GearN/AN/AKeep enemies out of your bubble with a spherical shield that protects your squad.
Muster PointSupport GearN/AN/ACover your teammates with a spherical shield that increases weapon damage.

Ranger best gear combinations

  • Venom Darts + Sticky Grenade -  This allows you to keep your distance as you whittle down an armoured foe. Not only that, it's a combination that only gets better once you find the legendary variants of the two.
  • Frost Grenade + Pulse Blast - Freezing enemies to the spot before detonating a blast makes for one of the few options the Ranger has for dealing with multiple foes at once.

Ranger best build


Ranger Ultimate offence build

  • Weapon loadout: Divine Vengeance (MW) + Truth of Tarsis (MW)
  • Gears: Last Argument (MW) + Tactical Onslaught (MW) + Muster Point (Epic)
  • You must try to get an Ultimate Inscription to add 15% ultimate damage, though one to reduce the cooldown can also be good.
  • Components:
    • Victor's Resolve (MW)
    • Emergency Power (MW)
    • Crossed Arms (MW)
    • Tip of the Spear (MW)
    • Badge of Devastation (MW)

A DPS build that doesn't really focus on crowd control or have any defensive options, but it can at the very least deal lots of raw damage. You'll be using Venom Darts and Grenades against single targets. This build also gives you frequent ultimate attacks as often as is possible. Your grenades are key to this, as they bolster your ultimate gauge by 700% of the normal charge per hit, so detonating a grenade in proximity to a large number of enemies at once can instantly refill your ultimate ability.

Ranger tips

Here are some tips to let you know how best to play as the Ranger, as well as the kind of role you'll be playing when part of a full set of Javelins.

  • Your primary focus should be to pick off high-priority targets, stacking detonator damage to activate your Critical Target damage.
  • Support gear in this particular Javelin can be used to stave off fire from foes to give your team breathing space, or to augment damage. Keep in contact with your team to time this well.
  • Inferno grenades can be decent when coupled with strikes from the shock mace.
  • Your rolls can be used to avoid any attacks that are locked onto you.
  • Everyone else has a well-defined role, whereas the Ranger is a jack-of-all-trades. Therefore you should try to support the team with distracting a singular foe.
  • Your team may look to you to revive them if they're downed, since the Colossus will be busy keeping enemies herded together and you're less fragile than they might be.

The Colossus Javelin in Anthem.

Colossus Javelin

As the tank of the squad, your main role is to ensure every enemy's attention is primarily on you. This means attacking multiple targets at once with your weapons and skills. When their attention is on you, the Colossus offers a shield to protect yourself against incoming damage, while rocket propelled jumps ensure you can get out of the way of the most devastating attacks.

Colossus Javelin using a high-explosive mortar.

Colossus gear

With the tanking abilities of the Colossus, the main abilities are the Ordnance Launcher and Heavy Assault Launcher. Both have different kinds of modifications and different rarities have different buffs associated with them, so keep cycling through to find the best ones to suit your play style. There are also legendary and masterwork variants that you can learn in our Anthem Masterwork gears guide.

Ability NameGear TypeElementDamage TypeAbility Description
High-Explosive MortarOrdnanceBlastDetonatorBombs everything with a projectile. Massive damage, but a small area.
Burst MortarOrdnanceBlastDamageFires a lot of mini-mortars to blast a large area.
Firewall MortarOrdnanceFirePrimerLights the battlefield with a huge wall of flames.
Lightning CoilOrdnanceElectricDetonatorAn arc of electricity targeting a random enemy.
Shock CoilOrdnanceElectricPrimerHit every target around you with waves of electricity.
Siege ArtilleryHeavy Assault LauncherBlastDetonatorA hefty rocket to destroy enemies.
Flame throwerHeavy Assault LauncherFirePrimerFires a burst of flames.
RailgunHeavy Assault LauncherImpactDamageHits one enemy with a "kinectic projectile".
Venom SpitterHeavy Assault LauncherAcidPrimerUnleash multiple arcing shots of acid down on your enemies.
Blast MissileHeavy Assault LauncherImpactDetonatorClears the field with a missile that damages a huge area around the point of impact.
Heavy SmashMeleeImpactDetonatorA hard thump onto one enemy at close range.
Siege CannonUltimateBlastDetonatorFires a massive shot, deals lots of damage.
AoE ExplosionCombo EffectN/AN/AExplosion that damages nearby enemies.
Battle CrySupport GearN/AN/AIncites enemies to attack you, lowering elemental and physical resistances of enemies.
Shield PulseSupport GearN/AN/AGives friends a damage resistance buff.

Colossus best gear combinations

  • Flamethrower + Lightning Coil - This is a very good combination of attacks as it allows the Colossus to just get in close, coat a group of enemies in flames, and detonate all at once. Combined with the combo effect that triggers an explosion with each combo on-screen, this makes short work of surrounding enemies. You can further augment this with any Masterwork items.
  • Firewall Mortar + Siege Artillery - Firewall mortar can be used to herd enemies together, while Siege Artillery can be used to blow them all up when close together. This is more of a longer range ability, but it doesn't get really good until you find the legendary versions.
  • "Best Defence" Siege Artillery + "Rubidium Furnace" Firewall Mortar - This upgraded legendary version of the Siege Artillery, found at Legendary rank, has the ability "Hitting an enemy with a rocket restores 35% armor". Combine this with the legendary Firewall Mortar that can not only herd enemies, but also the missile can hit the firewall's flames to heal your Javelin.

Colossus best build

  • Weapon loadout: Endless Siege (MW) + Balm of Gavinicus (MW)
  • Gears: Best Defence (MW) + Voltatic Dome (MW) + Battle Cry (Epic)
  • Components:
    • Grand Entrance (MW)
    • Stalwarts Badge (MW)
    • Catalytic Overdrive (MW)
    • Synchronised Flame (MW)
    • Ablative Shielding (MW)
    • Colossus Combo Augment (Epic)

This build is more of a tank build, with the grenade launcher and Best Defence gear doing the bulk of your healing. The Voltatic Dome however does freeze enemies to the spot, so try to get a group of them in one place before raining down explosives to top your health up. The components on the other hand are focused around dealing as much damage as possible to multiple enemies, and complement each other well.

Colossus tips

Here are some tips to let you know how best to play as the Colossus, as well as the kind of role you'll be playing when part of a full set of Javelins.

  • The shield itself protects anything from a 180 degree arc, meaning enemies behind you can still damage your Javelin. Try to ensure you're not surrounded.
  • With the shield raised, try to sprint into enemies or fly into them. It'll deal a nice chunk of damage and knock them down for a short time.
  • Lowering your the shield will begin to restore your shield health. This is vital as you have no energy shield, and are instead reliant on armour.
  • Remember to switch back to a raised shield after firing your gun or using a gear.
  • The Colossus deals damage when landing from a great height. This is in addition to melee damage, so try to slam into groups from a great height for maximum damage.
  • Seeing an enemy attacking an ally means you need to grab their attention. Firing on it or using your Battle Cry support skill will do this, but ensure you're then playing defensively while your team takes them on.
  • If you're facing against enemies on the other team that are specialists in elemental damage, try to use the Shield Pulse to give your team resistance to their attacks.
  • Don't be afraid to let rip with your attacks, as you can deal a lot of damage with your skills. Well-placed attacks can whittle down smaller enemies quickly, leaving your team to help with larger ones.
  • Crowd enemies together with Battle Cry so you can take advantage of the above combo.

The Interceptor Javelin in Anthem.

Interceptor Javelin

Those that choose the Interceptor don't want to be in the frey of combat for too long. They jump in and pick off one target, before escaping any possible retaliatory attacks. This is done with their Triple Dash defensive move, as well as the Triple jump, enabling them to stay on the move at all times. They do however have the lowest shields of the three classes and aren't as effective against large groups of enemies. Therefore, a stationary Interceptor is a dead Interceptor, so try to always be on the move.

Interceptor has used a venom bomb on multiple foes.

Interceptor gears

To deal as much damage to any target as quickly as possible, the Interceptor has access to Assault Systems and Strike Systems. Both have different kinds of modifications and different rarities have different buffs associated with them, so keep cycling through to find the best ones to suit your play style. There are also legendary and masterwork variants that you can learn in our Anthem Masterwork gears guide.

Ability NameGear TypeElementDamage TypeAbility Description
Searching GlaiveAssault SystemsImpactDamageThrows a homing glaive.
Venom BombAssault SystemsAcidPrimerTosses a grenade that hits all nearby enemies with acid.
Cryo GlaiveAssault SystemsIcePrimerLocks on to up to two nearby targets. Freezes enemies on impact.
Cluster MineAssault SystemsBlastDamageTosses a group of mines onto a target area.
Spark DashAssault SystemsElectricDetonatorDashes forward and leaves a trail of electricity.
Detonating StrikeStrike SystemsElectricPrimerMelee attack that charges enemies with electric energy. If it's killed, it explosdes and deals damage to those around them.
Plasma StarStrike SystemsImpactDamageTosses a plasma-powered shruiken at a single target. Useful at long range.
Wraith StrikeStrike SystemsImpactDamageSends a projection of the Interceptor to attack enemies.
Tempest StrikeStrike SystemsImpactDetonatorPowerful close-range melee strike that electrically charges the enemy. Aura combo.
Venom SprayStrike SystemsAcidPrimerSprays acid that damages all foes hit.
Bladed DaggersMeleeImpactDetonator
Assassin's BladesUltimateImpactDetonator
AuraCombo EffectN/AN/AEnemies near you gain the elemental effect overtime.
Target BeaconSupport GearN/AN/AMarks an enemy to allow allies to deal more damage to it.
Rally CrySupport GearN/AN/AClears status effects from the entire team.

Interceptor best gear combinations

  • Venom Bomb + Tempest Strike - These two moves go well together, in that you can set the enemy up with the Venom Bomb, before leaping into the air and slamming to the ground with a Tempest Strike. The legendary version of this combination is even sillier.
  • "Serpent's Veil" Venom Bomb + "Sudden Death" Tempest Strike - Since the legendary Venom Bomb has the added bonus of having melee weapon defeats increase all acid damage by 100% for 10 seconds, and the Tempest Strike legendary "detonates a fire explosion", this makes for a lot of damage being generated in a short space of time.
  • "Raneri's Charge" Spark Dash + "Serpent's Veil" Venom Bomb - The standard version of this combination isn't much to write about, but the masterwork version is wonderful. Spark Dash has a very useful perk at masterwork level, in that "Defeating an enemy recharges the Spark Dash." It can occur once every five seconds." Combine this with the Unending Battle masterwork machine pistol to boost this even more, and Radiant Fortess recharges your shield.

Interceptor best build

  • Weapon loadout: Unending Battle (MW) + Rolling Carnage (MW)
  • Gears: Sudden Death (MW) + Serpent's Veil (MW) + Target Beacon (Epic)
  • Components:
    • Way of the Swift (MW)
    • Way of the Bolt (MW)
    • Way of Resolve (MW)
    • Way of Integration (MW)
    • Conductive Lattice (MW)
    • Elusive Talisman (MW)

As mentioned above, the Sudden Death variant of Tempest Strike detonates a fire explosion, so you'll be throwing venom bombs into groups of enemies before detonating them with a swift kick. The components all seem to have a great amount of synergy with each other and kick in when you use a melee attack, so this is primarily a melee build. As for the weapons, they're a pistol that gains a bonus at melee range and a shotgun that's always good at close range.

Interceptor tips

Here are some tips to let you know how best to play as the Interceptor, as well as the kind of role you'll be playing when part of a full set of Javelins.

  • Try not to pick fights with groups of shielded enemies unless there is a Colossus taking the brunt of the fire.
  • Your increased mobility lets you reach high places far quicker. Use that to deal with snipers where possible.
  • Hold down the dodge button to burst forward three times in quick succession. There's a short cooldown afterwards, but it covers the most distance.
  • When using Tempest Strike, you can cancel it if it's not going to hit. Cancelling it doesn't trigger the cooldown for the ability, giving lots of flexibility.

Storm Javelin from Anthem.

Storm Javelin

This "techno-mage" will primarily use their gears to dish out pain to many enemies at a time. This involves using area of effect attacks, infused with fire, ice, or lightning elemental properties, to set up enemies for teammates to detonate. Of course they can detonate enemies themselves, but they're a great combo piece with the Colossus. Therefore, if you're in a group, your main role is to use Priming attacks to coat enemies in various elements. It's a strange blend of a raw damage and a support class in this regard, with its combo effect enabling your allies to deal even more damage to foes. It has access to hover, as well as a blink or teleport to get out of danger.

The Storm Javelin is unleashing its Ultimate ability

Storm gears

The Storm doesn't really target enemies specifically, but rather the area around them. Those who wield this Javelin have access to the Blast Seal and Focus Seal, which can be augmented with different modifications, so keep cycling through to find the best ones to suit your play style. There are also legendary and masterwork variants that you can learn in our Anthem Masterwork gears guide.

Ability NameGear TypeElementDamage TypeAbility Description
Lightning StrikeBlast SealsElectricDetonatorTargeted lightning strike that affects an area.
Ice StormBlast SealsIcePrimerPlaces targeted fields of ice which explode for frost damage. Can freeze enemies.
Flame BurstBlast SealsFireDamageQuick explosion that deals fire damage to a target location.
Ice BlastBlast SealsIcePrimerHurls chunks of ice, deals massive damage and freezes close-range enemies.
Living FlameBlast SealsFirePrimerBurst of flame energy that seeks out and ignites targets.
Frost ShardsFocus SealsElectricPrimerRapid-fire shards of ice that slowly freezes a target in place.
Burning OrbFocus SealsImpactDamageAn orb that can be fired in short shots or charged for larger projectiles that explode.
Shock BurstFocus SealsImpactDamageElectric energy that bounces off walls. Can reach targets behind cover.
Glacial SpearFocus SealsIceDetonatorFires a powerful ice beam.
Arc BurstFocus SealsAcidPrimerA bolt of lightning that leaps to nearby targets.
Fiery StrikeMeleeFireDetonator
Elemental StormUltimateIce/Electric/Fire (Multi Element)Primer & Detonator
AoE SpreadCombo EffectN/AN/ASpreads the elemental effect to nearby enemies.
Wind WallSupport GearN/AN/AErects a wall that blocks enemy projectiles.
Quickening FieldSupport GearN/AN/ACreates a field to reduce cooldown on abilities for allies in its area.

Storm Javelin best gear combinations

  • Ice Storm + Burning Orb - Ice Storm has a big area of effect that freezes enemies in place, leaving you to either fire smaller Burning Orbs, or charge a larger blast. You want to have multiple elements in the early game when not raiding.
  • "Winter's Wrath" Ice Storm + "Ten Thousand Suns" Burning Orb - Since the Burning Orb masterwork has a big damage buff and the Ice Storm will recharge quicker, this enables you to dispatch enemies faster than before, while constantly hurling spells.
  • Living Flame + Glacial Spear - Not quite as good as the above given the smaller range of Living Flame compared to Ice Storm, but Glacial Spear is a solid detonator that compliments Living Flame as it's very precise.
  • "Binary Star" Living Flame + "Black Ice" Glacial Spear - The above combo just gets better with the masterwork version. This Living Flame will hurl two shots instead of one, while Glacial Spear's detonation will freeze nearby enemies. You can abuse this further by
  • "Binary Star" Living Flame + "Winter's Wrath" Ice Storm - This one is just for those who have a reliable Interceptor in their team and the build just relies on you hurling ice and fire to keep enemies constantly Primed. You won't be getting the glory, but you'll definitely be contributing and your Interceptor will thank you when they're using full detonator builds to trigger tons of combos.

Storm best build

  • Weapon loadout: Avenging Herald (MW) + Glorious Result (MW)
  • Gears: Ten Thousand Suns (MW) + Winter's Wrath (MW) + Wind Well (Epic)
  • Components:
    • Amulet of Winter (MW)
    • Mark of Ruin (MW)
    • Token of Daring (MW)
    • Token of the Pupil (MW)
    • Gunslinger's Mark (equip this when the ability is reactivated) (MW)
    • Elemental Empowerment (Epic)

This build is an AOE build, meaning you're rarely going to be using the guns unless everything's on a cooldown timer. While I've detailed above why the two gears are a great combination, the components also augment your abilities to the point where you're getting the maximum benefit out of them. Bonus damage, reduced cooldown, and the like. Some do take away a small proportion of your damage to bolster cooldown rates, but they're offset by other weapons, gears, and components, thus mitigating that downside.

Storm tips

Finally here are some tips to let you know how best to play as the Storm Javelin, as well as the kind of role you'll be playing when part of a full set of Javelins.

  • Abuse the fact that the Storm Javelin can hover , as it gives you a better perspective for raining down pain on your enemies.
  • When hovering, there is a secondary shield, but try to hover near cover or a Bulwark Shield for extra defence.
  • Given that you can hover more as the Storm Javelin, there is a legendary/masterwork level heavy pistol called
  • If there is a lot of firepower coming in, or you need to block a choke point or revive an ally, use the Wind Wall to put a barrier between you and the enemy.
  • Your ultimate is devastating to groups of enemies, so pop it if there are a large number in one place. This pairs well with the Colossus's herding tactics too.
  • More than any other class, it's vital that you have the ability to speak to teammates. This will allow you to coordinate when to trigger certain attacks, including the ultimate ability, so as to maximise the team's damage output.
  • While not as fragile as the Interceptor, it is almost as weak. Therefore you should keep your distance where possible and only use melee attacks sparingly.

Javelin unlock screen. The currently selected Javelin is the Colossus.

How to unlock the Javelins

Javelins are the main classes in the game and they have their own specific purposes in a full team of Freelancers. With four on offer, it can be a little daunting to know which one is going to have a play style you'll like, even from the brief descriptions you're given.

Quite simply, the requirement to unlocking all of the javelins in the game is to meet certain thresholds in pilot level. How it works is that instead of unlocking specific Javelins as you progress, you are initially given a trial run with the Ranger javelin before being given the choice to unlock one of the four Javelins: This can be done by completing missions (more on that in our Anthem Missions guide), contracts, and other tasks that are set for you in Fort Tarsis.

Once you've completed the second mission in the game, you'll meet Tassyn, who will set you a mission in exchange for the ability to unlock a new Javelin for yourself. Now you have a big choice here as your next choice doesn't come for a while. I'd highly recommend looking at the individual guides for each of the Javelins so that you have a better idea of what each of them specialises in.  So without further ado, here are the levels in which you are given the option to unlock a new Javelin:

  • 1st Javelin - Level 2
  • 2nd Javelin - Level 8
  • 3rd Javelin - Level 16
  • 4th Javelin - Level 26

The menu for choosing between Javelins. The currently selected one is the Interceptor.

Switching between Javelins

Once you have obtained a second Javelin, you can then switch between your unlocked Javelins by heading into the Forge at Fort Tarsis. In that menu, there is an option to choose a new Javelin loadout. For each Javelin, you can save up to five different loadouts for any given situation, combination of gears equipped, and more. Once you've saved the loadout, you can easily choose it from this menu rather than have to reconfigure it for each time you'd like to change it.

The loyalty ranking for the Freelancers. It's currently at level 1.

Making Javelins look less scruffy

While you're in there, you may wish to change the colours and finishes for your Javelin. While you have the default pieces that are perfectly good, or if you happen to preorder the game, you may also have the Legion of Dawn set (more on that in our Anthem Legion of Dawn guide). Other cosmetic parts can be purchased for gold by going into the part, vinyl, or animation, and tabbing across to the "Buy" section. Each one costs gold. The only two that aren't available to purchase are both paint and wear state.

You may have noticed that your Javelin looks somewhat scruffy. Rather than gleaming in splendour, it looks beaten up, about to fall apart at the joints. This is all tied to your reputation with the Freelancers and the further you upgrade your standing with them, the better your armour can look. Head to our  guide, to learn about the requirements for unlocking the higher ranks. This is also how you unlock paints and finishes to use on your Javelins.

That's everything for our Javelin guide. You can check out more on the loadouts in our Anthem Loadouts guide. You can also apply cosmetics to them to change their look, found in Prospero's Vanity shop; more on that in our Anthem Crafting guide.

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