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Anthem Masterwork - all the legendary weapons, components, and gear, best weapons ranked

Anthem's best stuff comes in the form of both Masterwork and Legendary ranks. Each one gives a better output of damage and better inscriptions compared to the Epic gear, but they also come with an added bonus effect. These bonus effects can be quite hard to track, especially in-game, so we've compiled all of the Masterwork effects for the weapons, gear, and components in the game. We will also be ranking the Masterwork weapons in the game based on their effects.

Anthem masterwork/legendary items guide

Looking for help with missions, or how to get to grips with navigation in Anthem? Be sure to check out our Anthem guide for everything you need to know about BioWare's latest space adventure. As for how to obtain these items, you can look at our Anthem loot guide for tips on how to nab the best loot. Once you've obtained some decent kit, look at our Anthem Javelins guide for the best combinations.

Anthem Masterwork/Legendary guide contents

Masterwork Weapons
Best Masterwork Weapons
Masterwork Components
Masterwork Gear

Colossus Javelin using a high-explosive mortar.

Masterwork weapon list

Below are all of the masterwork, and similarly all the legendary weapons in the game. Note that Masterwork weapons can have similar effects on them, but are generally considered less powerful than the legendary counterpart. There are some other caveats too, including the fact that "Light of the Legion" is exclusive to the Legion of Dawn special edition of Anthem. You can find out how to unlock it in our Anthem Legion of Dawn guide. We've made the table below searchable, which you can use to find a specific weapon, or an effect that you wish to have in your build. For example, if you just want to see which weapons deal acid damage, you can search "acid" for the relevant items.

Masterwork/Legendary WeaponWeapon typeUnique EffectNotes
Avenging HeraldHeavy PistolWhen you hover in the air, increase your weapon damage by 200%.Colossus can't equip this weapon.
Glorious ResultHeavy PistolHitting multiple enemy weak points increases all weapon damage temporarily.Colossus can't equip this weapon.
Close EncounterHeavy PistolDashing temporarily increases weapon damage.Colossus can't equip this weapon.
Unending BattleMachine PistolHitting Elite or higher ranked enemies at point-blank range temporarily increases weapon and melee damage by 110% for 5 seconds.Colossus can't equip this weapon.
Vassa's SurpriseMachine PistolStriking enemies with melee attacks restores ammo by 25%.Colossus can't equip this weapon.
Retaliation of GarretusMachine PistolTemporarily increase weapon damage by 125% for 10 seconds when suit health is critical.Colossus can't equip this weapon.
Elemental RageAssault RifleHitting elite enemies temporarily increases all elemental damage by 5% for 10 seconds.Stackable up to 20 times at 5% each stack. Damage bonus does vary a little depending on the hit, so realistically it's more like 80-90% total increase for a Storm. (Thanks to the user "ExplodingWiener" for the info.
Ralner's BlazeAssault RifleIgnite a target when you hit a target five times in a row.Called a "hit-streak" in-game. Enemy is in a prime state for Fire.
Divine VengeanceAssault RifleEvery third weak point hit causes large fire explosions.
Pyrrhic VictoryAssault RifleDefeating an enemy or hitting them 10 times causes a force explosion.Legendary only
Soothing TouchMarksman RifleScoring a hit temporarily reduces recoil by 50%.Stackable three times and lasts 5 seconds.
Death From AboveMarksman RifleIncreases weak point damage while hovering by 65%.Can be used while holstered.
Thunderbolt of YveniaMarksman Rifle33% chance to deal large electric damage.
Light of the LegionMarksman RifleEmptying the magazine recharges the shields.Legion of Dawn edition exclusive weapon - Legendary only.
Renewed CourageLight Machine GunLast shots reduce recoil by 50% for the next 20 seconds.Stackable twice.
Artinia's GambitLight Machine GunDetonates a combo explosion in the area while reloading.
Cycle of PainLight Machine GunWeak point hits temporarily increase weapon rate of fire.Stackable up to five times.
Wyvern BlitzSniper RifleHovering increases this weapon's weak point damage by 40%.
Truth of TarsisSniper RifleHitting weak points on enemies under a status effect will set off a chain combo.
Siege BreakerSniper RifleWhen on a hit streak of three, it will freeze the target.
Radiant FortressShotgunHitting the majority of shots in a burst partially recharges your shields.
Papa PumpShotgunReloading increases force and delivers bonus damage for 5 seconds.Stackable twice, can stun targets, including bosses.
Rolling CarnageShotgunDashing increases weapon damage by 50% for 20 secondsStackable three times.
Fist of StralAutocannonHitting enemies temporarily increases weapon damage by 10% for 5 seconds.Stackable ten times. Only equippable by Colossus.
The Last StandAutocannonWhen suit health declines all weapon increases 75% for 10 seconds.Only equippable by Colossus.
Endless SiegeAutocannonIncreases magazine size by 100% and damage by 100%.Only equippable by Colossus.
Sentinel's VengeanceGrenade LauncherSticky grenades that detonate an area of acid after a kill-streak.Only equippable by Colossus.
Insult And InjuryGrenade LauncherBouncy grenades. Defeating an enemy clears harmful status effects and boosts status effect resistance.Only equippable by Colossus.
Balm of GavinicusGrenade LauncherFires mines that detonate manually. Hitting two enemies restores armour by 25%.Only equippable by Colossus.

Interceptor Javelin hovering over a creature and shooting it.

Best Masterwork weapons ranked

Since there is definitively one best weapon in the game currently, it only seems fair to give the other types of weapons their own separate rankings based on what each other can do. That said, we'll just go right into the best weapon from the off:

Best Heavy Pistol

Even with its big nerf that takes it from being game-breaking to just really good, Avenging Herald still has a fantastic weapon perk. Boosting damage by 200% just for hovering with the pistol is fantastic, since it's easy to execute. Glorious Result is now better since the damage boost given to all weapons is still significant, while the Close Encounter is great for melee-based builds for a Interceptor, but Avenging Herald combined with similar hovering perks on a Storm Javelin can still dish out the pain.

Best Light Machine Gun

Artinia's Gambit can be a little fiddly to use, particularly in a party setting. Recoil reduction can be beneficial to those using the Renewed Courage, but Cycle of Pain's slower rate of fire can make its perk a little more precise if needed. This one is down to personal preference.

Best Shotgun

All three weapons are great for melee builds. Radiant Fortress and Rolling Carnage can be great guns for jumping into a group of enemies. Papa Pump's force and damage bonus is also very good for what it is, so it's down to your own style of play and other perks equipped as to which one works best for you.

Best Machine Pistol

Retaliation of Garretus is good for those who want to be at longer range and has the best damage, provided you're comfortable with being at death's door most of the time. Unending Battle on the other hand is good for melee builds, such as the Interceptor.

Best Assault Rifle

All of them are really good, but the Divine Vengeance has the simplest to understand and the most flexible. Elemental Rage is well suited to Storms running many elements, while Ralner's Blaze automatically primes targets whenever its ability triggers.

Best Marksman Rifle

Light of the Legion is great for the early game but is dramatically outclassed by the others in terms of raw damage output. Death From Above combos well with similar hovering perks like Avenging Herald (though is not as good as a second Avenging Herald), while the chance to cause electric bursts from Thunderbolt of Yvenia is not to be understated.

Best Sniper Rifle

Wyvern's Blitz also does silly things while hovering, which when coupled with Avenging Herald is not to be passed up. Truth of Tarsis can be good when paired with lots of primers, but it requires reloading after every shot. While Siege Breaker's ability to freeze targets is good, it's main thing is that it is semi-automatic and can fire more rounds quickly, at the cost of damage. The freezing effect may be worth it though.

Best Autocannon

Endless Siege has the most boring ability, but it is very good. Compared with the Fist of Stral, the damage buff means you use fewer rounds to kill enemies, but have less ammunition in the chamber. The Last Stand can be really good for the Colossus, since you're constantly on low health anyway, but compared to the other two, it's a lot more risk for less reward.

Best Grenade Launcher

Sentinel's Vengeance is the easiest one to use and has the most universally good ability on top of it. Insult And Injury is awful against bosses and the ability doesn't help a great deal, so it's not worth going for. Balm of Gavinicus however can be good if you're used to remotely detonating mines, but it does take a lot more skill to execute than the Sentinel's Vengeance. The ability however does seem to be very good with the Colossus, so if you're good with these sorts of weapons, then go for the Balm of Gavinicus.

The Legion of Dawn outfit for the Storm Javelin. The colours are rather spiffy if I dare say so myself.

Masterwork components list

When you get to playing Grandmaster Level 1 or higher difficulty, you'll be able to obtain Masterwork, or even Legendary items. These include gears, which upon equipping, have some unique effects that drastically alter just how useful they can be. Be sure to experiment with combinations that could amplify your damage output.

To make it easier, I've listed all of the currently known Masterwork or higher ranked components in the game in the table below. There is a filter enabled on this table and I recommend searching by each of the Javelins (details can be found in our Anthem Javelins guide) by type for all the Masterwork components available to that Javelin. We've made the table below searchable, which you can use to find a specific component, or an effect that you wish to have in your build. For example, if you just want to see which components might be good for a melee build, you can search "melee" for the relevant items.

Component NameJavelinMasterwork/Legendary Effect
Combined ArmsRangerKilling an enemy with the Assault Launcher increases damage dealt via your grenades by 50% for three seconds.
Tip of the SpearRangerCombo damage is increased by 50% and performing combos restores nearby allies's armor by 40%.
Vanguard's BadgeRangerMelee kills restore 20% of your shield.
Defensive BulwarkRangerGetting a kill-streak of three instantly restores all of your Javelin's shield.
Airborne AdvantageRangerWhile hovering, your gear recharges twice as quickly.
Demolition TributeColossusEach melee kill restores 20% of your total health.
Reinforced HullColossusRemoving a status effect increases damage dealt by 20%. Occurs once every 10 seconds.
Emblem of DestructionColossusKilling five or more foes with your ultimate recharges your ultimate by 3330%.
Catalytic OverdriveColossusDetonating a combo increases ability damage by 40% for 20 seconds.
Grand EntranceColossusLanding creates a small explosion when falling from a high point.
Stalwart's BadgeColossusAbility damage is increased by 40% for five seconds when your shield breaks.
Elusive TalismanInterceptorPerforming a triple dash instantly reloads the weapon you are holding.
Survival AlgorithmInterceptorClearing an ally of any status effect recovers 20% of your shields. Occurs once every 10 seconds.
Tailsman of PowerInterceptorAttacking an opponent using Interceptor's Strike gear causes its Assault gear damage to increase by 50% for five seconds.
Way of the BoldInterceptorKilling an enemy with a melee attack restores 20% of your total health.
Way of IntegrationInterceptorHitting two enemies with your gear increases all further damage dealt to enemies by 30% for five seconds.
Way of ResolveInterceptorDodging increases melee damage by 40% for 10 seconds.
Way of the SwiftInterceptorAttacking an opponent using Interceptor's Assault gear causes its Strike gear damage to increase by 50% for five seconds.
Amulet of WinterStormHitting an enemy with an ice attack gives you 20% increased weapon damage for 20 seconds.
Mark of WrathStormWhile your Focus Seal is on cooldown, the Blast Seal's damage is increased by 50%.
Gunslinger's MarkStormWeak point damage dealt to enemies increases by 60%. (Currently turned off)
Mark of ClarityStormClearing a status effect heals you for 20% of your total health. Occurs once every 10 seconds.
Token of the MasterStormDealing damage with a Focus Seal attack increases damage dealt by your Blast Seal by 60% for five seconds.
Tome of PrecisionStormKilling an enemy via its weak spot with a sniper rifle increases your electrical damage by 60% for five seconds.

Masterwork gears list

When you get to playing Grandmaster Level 1 or higher difficulty, you'll be able to obtain Masterwork, or even Legendary items. These include gears, which upon equipping, have some unique effects that drastically alter just how useful they can be. Each one has a huge effect on your loadouts. Look at our Anthem Loadouts guide to work out how to experiment with combinations that could amplify your damage output.

To that end, I've listed all of the currently known Masterwork or higher ranked gears in the game. There is a filter enabled on this table and I recommend searching by Javelins (details on all four in our Anthem Javelins guide) by type  for all the Masterwork variants of the gears available to that Javelin. We've made the table below searchable, which you can use to find a specific component, or an effect that you wish to have in your build. For example, if you just want to see which components might be good for your build that exploits electricity, you can search "electric" for the relevant items.

Masterwork/Legendary gear nameJavelinGear TypeMasterwork Effect
Argo's MaceRangerBlast MissileAn electric explosion occurs after an enemy is defeated by any means.
Avenger's BoonRangerPulse BlastHitting an enemy increases melee damage by 110% for 20 seconds.
Ember's LanceRangerSpark BeamDetonate a fire explosion on a small hit-streak (3 enemies).
Recurring VengeanceRangerSeeker MissileAbility cooldown is refreshed when defeating an enemy once every 7.5 seconds.
Tactical OnslaughtRangerVenom DartsVenom Darts permanently have an extra charge (during the mission).
Cold BloodedRangerFrost GrenadeAfflicting an enemy with ice increases melee damage by 135% for 10 seconds.
Grand OpeningRangerSeeker GrenadeDefeating enemies from above grants 75% increased weapon damage for 20 seconds.
Last ArgumentRangerFrag GrenadeHitting enemies adds 700% Ultimate charge.
Explosive BlazeRangerInferno GrenadeWhen afflicting two or more enemies with fire, this creates a flame explosion.
The GambitRangerSticky GrenadeHitting an enemy with this grenade detonates an ice explosion.
Best DefenseColossusSiege ArtilleryArmor is restored by 35% when striking an enemy with a rocket.
Black PowderColossusFlak CannonRegain a charge after defeating an enemy. Can occur once every 4 seconds.
Fist of the CrucibleColossusFlamethrowerFlamethrower damage is increased by 40% for 10 seconds after defeating an enemy. Stackable up to five times.
Solvent GreenColossusVenom SpitterCombos do 200% more damage when Detonated.
Final JudgementColossusHigh Explosive MortalHitting two enemies increases all damage by 35% for 20 seconds.
Rubidium FurnaceColossusFirewall MortarApplying a fire effect to 2 enemies refills a charge. Occurs once every 20 seconds.
Titan's HailColossusBurst MortarBurst Mortar can now trigger explosive combos.
Vassa's ArcColossusLightning CoilThree hits at once causes a large electrical explosion.
Voltaic DomeColossusShock CoilEnemies are frozen once hit.
Sudden DeathInterceptorTempest StrikeA flame explosion occurs when striking an enemy.
Sanadeen's RespiteInterceptorPlasma StarHitting an enemy's weak point restores 5% of shields.
Serpent's VeilInteceptorVenom BombMelee weapon defeats increase all acid damage by 100% for 10 seconds.
Viper's BiteInterceptorVenom SprayHitting an enemy with Venom Spray adds 700% Ultimate charge.
Absolute ZeroInterceptorCryo GlaiveHitting an enemy from above detonates an ice explosion.
Black IceStormGlacial SpearDefeating an enemy freezes others nearby.
Chaotic RimeStormFrost ShardsFreezing an enemy grants 125% increased Blast Seal gear damage for 20 seconds.
Seal of the Open MindStormShock BurstHitting an enemy from above refills a charge. Can occur once every 5 seconds.
Stasis CharmStormArc BurstHitting an enemy with the Arc Burst creates an electric explosion.
Ten Thousand SunsStormBurning OrbWhenever an enemy is hit, gain 5% additional damage for 5 seconds. Stackable up to 20 times.
Binary StarStormLiving FlameLaunch two Living Flames instead of one.
Hailstorm's RenewalStormIce BlastDefeating an enemy from above instantly restores 75% shield energy.
Ponder InfinityStormLightning StrikeWhile hovering, electric damage is increased by 60%.
Winter's WrathStormIce StormDefeating an enemy from above refills charges. Can occur once every 10 seconds.
Venomous BlazeStormFlame BurstAcid damage is applied to enemies after 3 consecutive hits.

And those are all the Legendary and Masterwork items. You can head back to our Anthem Loadouts guide to see what else you can do to upgrade your Javelin, while our tips on Anthem Strongholds will fill you in on another really good way to nab some decent stuff.

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