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Apex Legends has started the new season with a new character, Rampart

Along with Season 6 and a new crafting system

Apex Legends' sixth season started today, bringing with it big map changes and a brand new character who has a gun so big and special she gave it a name. Rampart (the Legend) and Sheila (the gun) arrived on the scene this morning, ready to drop into the new version of the World's Edge map. Rather heartbreakingly, Respawn have done away with its excellent train. But they have added some other cool features to the battle royale shooter, like crafting, which is just about enough to make me stop pouting.

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Let's talk about the new gal Rampart, who has some pretty cool abilities to bring to your squad. Her passive increases the size of her magazines and reload speed when using LMGs and the Minigun, and allows her to shoot more with the L-Star before it overheats.

Her tactical ability builds a small metal wall that can be used to crouch behind. She can deploy five of these at a time to make a little fortified zone. Then her ultimate deploys up to three mounted miniguns that anyone can use to mow down enemies. I can imagine all this being used to pretty deadly effect when paired with other defensive Legends like Wattson and Caustic.

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I'm still thinking about that train. Why get rid of it? It's the most fun place to drop. Where am I gonna go now? Somewhere that isn't moving? Rubbish.

Turns out Respawn just want us to fight next to the map's lava pits. To do this they've put up a whopping great launch site where a previously under-explored lava field used to be by The Dome. There's also a place called Countdown where the Drill Site used to be, as well some new rising blast walls dotted around the place.

All of these speak volumes for Apex's lore, seeing as each of these structures have big old Hammond Robotics logos plastered on the sides. They're the company that's been making their presence more and more apparent in the Apex arena over the last few seasons. They tried to put Forge in the games (before he got murdered) and odds are they're up to no good.

Next we have this new crafting system. Across the map you'll find little techy structures called Replicators, at which you can use Crafting Materials to make some loot that might be helpful to you in the arena. Materials can be found all over the map at various extraction points - I am curious as to whether the hassle to extract things will actually be worth it when you can find perfectly good loot on the floor. Also, you know, Loba and her loot syphoning abilities exist, too.

The new SMG, the Volt, will be a new bit of loot you can find (and possibly craft), and on top of all that, the only armour you'll find in the ring now are the Evo shields (the ones that you have to level up).

Lotsa big changes this season, I'm curious to see how it all pans out. There are more details if you want them over on the Apex Legends Season 6 patch notes.

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