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Apex Legends is dropping the nighttime Kings Canyon map from rotation because it's a bit rubbish

Now you'll have more time to explore the new stuff on World's Edge

Last week, Respawn finally put map rotation into Apex Legends, allowing players to get their fix of both the World's Edge and Kings Canyon maps. It's a feature fans have wanted for ages, except there was one strange inclusion in the rotation - the Kings Canyon at night mode. It's almost exactly the same as the other Kings Canyon map, except, as the name implies, it's really dark. As you might expect, a map where you can't actually see anyone properly isn't always that fun, so Respawn have done away with it. They've even reduced the amount of time regular Kings Canyon is available, too.

The devs announced in a Tweet that the nighttime mode is right out, and the normal Kings Canyon mode will be available less so players can spend more time in World's Edge. This is good news for anyone trying to level up a battle pass, because a lot of the challenges for it can't be completed on the old map. It also means players have a chance to investigate Bloodhound's new Town Takeover more, and get mauled by the new vicious alien dogs.

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I personally quite liked the spooky version of Kings Canyon. It was always pretty amusing opening up a deathbox to see like eight Digital Threats hanging out in there because they spawned so damn frequently. Having said that it's definitely a mode I won't miss for regular matches, though I do hope it goes back to its origins and returns for Halloween this year.

That's a long way off yet, though. For now, Apex is heading into the last few weeks of its fourth season, and Easter eggs have already started appearing in-game, potentially teasing some new info for season five.

It'll be interesting to see how Respawn try to top their last series of teasers - I'm not sure they can beat murdering their newly announced character to swap him out with a killer robot.

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