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Apex Legends will raise the dead to fight in its Halloween event

Canyon's haunted

Apex Legends' caustic in a clown skin
Image credit: Respawn/Panic Button

It's time for Apex Legends to get spooky. Passing your first big holiday is something of a rite of passage for live games. What off-brand hallow's eve or Wintermas am I in for this time, we collectively wonder? For ApeLegs, it's the Fight Or Fright Collection Event arriving on October 15th. Much like the notorious Iron Crown back in August, Fight Or Fright is a limited-time holiday featuring a grab-bag of goodies and a neat twist on the standard last-trio-standing format in a new mode, Shadowfall.

Only, this time around, it shouldn't cost you the price of a small car to take home the lot.

First up, we've gotta talk about these skins. While Deus Ex Dracula and junkyard Frankenstein are pretty fantastic looks, that Caustic clown is horrific. Bin it, take it back. Don't make me look at it.

Shadowfall, Fight Or Fright's new mode, is your standard round of Apex with a twist. When you die, you get back up as a ramblin' shamblin' zombie. Now, folk have been toying with the zombie theme in multiplayer shooters as far back as I can remember, and ApeLegs isn't even the first battle royale to try out the concept (thanks, Plunkbat). But Respawn have given Shadowfall one neat twist to make their take on zombies uniquely Apex.

Once there are only ten living legends left standing, the rules change. All survivors are placed on one team and - in a revisit of the best bit of Titanfall - have to make a last-minute dash to the dropship before the horde overwhelms them.

The limited-time mode also gives some love back to King's Canyon. World's Edge does feel like a stellar improvement over the game's launch map, but it'll be quite nice to head back to where it all began, covered in cobwebs and moonlight and thoroughly cursed.

Beyond the LTM, the bulk of Fight Or Fright comes in the form of 24 limited collectable cosmetics. Still reeling from that whole Iron Crown mess, Respawn have made adjustments to the collection format to make nabbing these new items feel a bit less scummy.

You'll be able to straight-up buy these throughout the event from the in-game store with paid and earned currency, for one. New items will still drop from event loot boxes, but Respawn stress that you'll be guaranteed one event item per pack, with duplicates an absolute no-show. The alternator and devotion are also getting spooky legendary skins that can only be unlocked by beating event challenges.

Fight Or Fright will haunt Apex Legends from October 15th through November 5th.

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