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Arena Tier List - Mage cards (March 2017)

Our guide to choosing the best Mage cards in Arena.

If you've grown a little tired of banging your head against the same old decks over and over again in Hearthstone's Ranked Play mode, nothing will reignite your love for Hearthstone quite like a few days spent messing around in the Arena.

Variety is the spice of life in this part of the game, and you'll have to constantly think on your feet if you're to avoid being knocked out. You can win a maximum of 12 games in Arena, but you're knocked out after losing three. The longer you stay in, the bigger your rewards will be when you leave.

If you've yet to get stuck into this part of the game, you'll be presented with a series of three randomly selected cards, from which you have to pick a single one. This card is then added to your deck, and the process is repeated until you have the usual tally of 30 cards.

As a result of this drafting process, it's a lot harder to build the kind of highly efficient, synergistic decks that dominate in Ranked Play. For this reason, it becomes very important to make sure you're picking the cards with the very highest value at every stage of the drafting process.

We've collated a number of different opinions on what are considered to be the best cards to draft in Hearthstone's Arena and then re-appraised them based on our own experience. You'll find the results below, and you can switch between the different categories of cards as they come up in the draft.

Take a look further down the page for some important tips on actually drafting your Mage Arena deck.

Mage Arena Common card tier list - March 2017

Tier 1
FireballFlamestrikeNorth Sea Kraken
Firelands PortalFrostboltWater Elemental
Tier 2
Acidic Swamp OozeBoulderfist OgreDrakonid CrusherPit Fighter
Amani BerserkerChillwind YetiEvil HecklerPolymorph
Bog CreeperDark Iron DwarfHarvest GolemSen'jin Shieldmasta
Tier 3
Argent HorseriderFlame JugglerMedivh's ValetSilver Hand Knight
Argent SquireFrost ElementalNerubian ProphetSorcerer's Apprentice
Cult MasterHired GunPompous ThespianSpellbreaker
Dire Wolf AlphaHuge ToadRaging WorgenStormwind Champion
Earthen Ring FarseerHungry DragonScarlet CrusaderStranglethorn Tiger
Ethereal ConjurerMad BomberShattered Sun ClericTomb Spider
Faerie DragonMana WyrmSilent KnightWorgen Infiltrator
Tier 4
Aberrant BerserkerDalaran AspirantKvaldir RaiderStormwind Knight
Abusive SergeantDaring ReporterLoot HoarderToxic Sewer Ooze
Arcane IntellectDragonhawk RiderMukla's ChampionTwisted Worgen
Big-Time RacketeerDragonkin SorcererMurloc TidehunterViolet Illusionist
Bilefin TidehunterFen CreeperNaga CorsairVolcanic Drake
Bloodfen RaptorFriendly BartenderPolluted HoarderYouthful Brewmaster
Blowgill SniperFrostwolf WarlordPsych-o-Tron
Boneguard LieutenantHozen HealerSilver Hand Regent
Clockwork KnightKooky ChemistSpellslinger
Tier 5
Acolyte of PainFlesheating GhoulMaiden of the LakeSquirming Tentacle
Ancient of BlossomsFossilized DevilsaurMirror EntityStormpike Commando
Arcane MissilesFrigid SnoboldMistress of MixturesStreetwise Investigator
ArchmageGadgetzan SocialiteOasis SnapjawTanaris Hogchopper
Bloodsail RaiderGnomish InventorOgre MagiTwilight Flamecaller
Bluegill WarriorGurubashi BerserkerRazorfen HunterWolfrider
Captured JormungarIronfur GrizzlyRefreshment VendorWorgen Greaser
Cone of ColdJeweled ScarabRiver CrocoliskZealous Initiate
Darkscale HealerJungle PantherSilvermoon GuardianZoobot
Flame LanceLance CarrierSpiteful Smith
Tier 6
Ancient BrewmasterDragon's BreathInfested TaurenRed Mana Wyrm
Anubisath SentinelDragonling MechanicIronbeak OwlSpawn of N'Zoth
Arcane AnomalyDuskboarKabal ChemistTentacle of N'Zoth
ArcanosmithEldritch HorrorKobold GeomancerVenture Co. Mercenary
Arcane ExplosionFaceless BehemothLord of the ArenaVoodoo Doctor
Blackwing CorruptorFrost NovaLowly SquireWar Golem
Blackwing TechnicianGadgetzan JousterMirror Image
Booty Bay BodyguardGorillabot A-3Pantry Spider
CryomancerIce RagerReckless Rocketeer
Tier 7
Ice BarrierElven ArcherMogu'shan WardenRunic Egg
Ice LanceFrostwolf GruntNetherspite HistorianSilverback Patriarch
Kabal LackeyGrook Fu MasterNightbladeTauren Warrior
Shattered Sun ClericGrotesque DragonhawkNovice EngineerThrallmar Farseer
Core HoundIronforge RiflemanPriestess of EluneTournament Attendee
Dalaran MageMenagerie MagicianRaid LeaderWindfury Harpy
Tier 8
Freezing PotionEvolved KoboldMurloc RaiderStreet Trickster
Am'gam RagerGoldshire FootmanMurloc TinyfinTournament Medic
Backstreet LeperGrimscale OracleShieldbearerWisp
Cult ApothecaryLeper GnomeSouthsea DeckhandYoung Dragonhawk
Dread CorsairMagma RagerStonetusk Boar

Mage Arena Rare card tier list - March 2017

Tier 1
Argent CommanderBlizzardSunwalker
Azure DrakeFallen Hero
Tier 2
Babbling BookDefender of ArgusMind Control TechStampeding Kodo
Corrupted HealbotKirin Tor MagePolymorph: BoarViolet Teacher
Tier 3
Ancient ShadeEffigyInjured BlademasterTwilight Drake
Armored WarhorseEmperor CobraMaster JousterVolcanic Potion
Bomb SquadFlamewakerSaboteurWild Pyromancer
DoppelgangsterImp MasterSunfury ProtectorWobbling Runts
Tier 4
AbominationDemolisherQuesting AdventurerVaporize
Avian WatcherKabal CourierRavenholdt AssassinYoung Priestess
Backroom BouncerKnife JugglerSecond-Rate Bruiser
CounterspellLight's ChampionServant of Yogg-Saron
Crazed AlchemistMidnight DrakeSpiked Hogrider
Tier 5
Blackwater PirateDragon EggGrim PatronPint-Sized Summoner
Coliseum ManagerEthereal ArcanistInjured Kvaldir
Corrupted SeerFencing CoachKabal Crystal Runner
Demented FrostcallerGadgetzan AuctioneerMoat Lurker
Tier 6
Ancient MageBloodsail CorsairEater of SecretsPotion of Polymorph
Animated ArmorBook WyrmMana AddictSecretkeeper
Arcane GolemColdlight OracleMana WraithSmall-Time Buccaneer
Argent WatchmanColdlight SeerMaster Swordsmith
Tier 7
Alarm-o-BotEerie StatueMurloc Tidecaller
Ancient WatcherLightwardenSilithid Swarmer
Angry ChickenMogor's ChampionSummoning Stone

Mage Arena Epic card tier list - March 2017

Tier 1
Sea Giant
Tier 2
Tier 3
Blood KnightColdarra DrakeForbidden FlameGrand Crusader
Tier 4
Arcane BlastCabalist's TomeDjinni of ZephyrsGarrison Commander
Tier 5
DarkspeakerFaceless ShamblerSouthsea Captain
Defias CleanerManic SoulcasterTwilight Summoner
Tier 6
Ancient HarbingerFaceless ManipulatorMurloc WarleaderSpellbender
Burgly BullyFrost GiantRecruiterTwilight Guardian
Crowd FavoriteLeatherclad HogleaderScaled NightmareValidated Doomsayer
DoomsayerMaster of CeremoniesSideshow SpelleaterWind-up Burglebot
Tier 7
Arcane GiantCyclopian HorrorGreater Arcane MissilesMountain Giant
Big Game HunterDirty RatHungry CrabNaga Sea Witch
Blood of The Ancient OneFel Orc SoulfiendIce BlockWeasel Tunneler
Blubber BaronFight PromoterMolten Giant

Mage Arena Legendary card tier list - March 2017

Tier 1
KazakusRagnaros the FirelordYsera
OnyxiaSylvanas Windrunner
Tier 2
Cairne BloodhoofDeathwingNefarianY'Shaarj, Rage Unbound
ChromaggusEmperor ThaurissanThe Curator
Tier 3
AlexstraszaEydis DarkbaneHoggerReno Jackson
Arch-Thief RafaamFjola LightbaneHogger, Doom of ElwynnRhonin
Archmage AntonidasGruulMedivh, the GuardianThe Black Knight
Baron GeddonHarrison JonesNexus-Champion Saraad
Tier 4
Auctionmaster BeardoDeathwing, DragonlordMalygosWrathion
BarnesIcehowlN'Zoth, the Corruptor
Bloodmage ThalnosIllidan StormrageThe Beast
Tier 5
ChillmawGenzo, the SharkKing MuklaMukla, Tyrant of the Vale
Elise StarseekerJusticar TrueheartMoroesPrince Malchezaar
Tier 6
Brann BronzebeardLeeroy JenkinsNat PagleThe Boogeymonster
Inkmaster SoliaMillhouse ManastormSoggoth the SlithererTinkmaster Overspark
Tier 7
AnomalusGormok the ImpalerNat, the DarkfisherSkycap'n Kragg
Captain GreenskinMadam GoyaPatches the PirateThe Skeleton Knight
Finja, the Flying StarMajordomo ExecutusSir Finley MrrggltonYogg-Saron, Hope's End
Tier 8
Bolf RamshieldMayor NoggenfoggerRend BlackhandShifter Zerus
Lorewalker ChoNozdormuSergeant Sally

Mage Arena drafting tips

- It's important to keep appraising your specific deck throughout the drafting process. By all means use this guide to pick out your first ten or so cards, based purely on raw value. From there on, however, you should think carefully about the make-up of your actual deck - it's OK to drop down a tier if there's a particularly powerful synergy up for grabs, for example.

- Once you've selected your first chunk of cards, you should review your deck and consider your weaknesses. Do you have any juicy removal spells to deal with any deadly minions that might show up in the late game, for example? Are you drafting a fast deck, or one that's more control-orientated?

- If you've got lots of very low-cost minions in your hand at this stage, prioritise fattening up your deck a little, and also make sure you take any card-draw effects or creatures that come your way. This will help you fill your hand back up if you lose everything to a board-wipe.

- On the other hand, if you've been drafting very high-cost creatures and spells, you should look to get a few more smaller minions in your hand. We like to go into Arena with at least half a dozen two-Mana drops, as you can't afford to lose the early-game.

- In the final ten picks, just shore up any strengths you have in the deck, and minimise any weaknesses. This is your last chance to get a balanced deck that can perform at every stage of the game, so make these final picks count!

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