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Attack Of The Z

Let's all practise our alphabet.

Except in a really confusing way.

Super Letter Game is a Flashy little number that requires you to find all the letters of the alphabet hidden inside a sea of Zs (which only sounds good if you pronounce it the sensible American way). It's not easy though. The letters swim and spin in the direction in which you move your cursor. So move toward a letter and it will dash away. It's all about carefully moving in the opposite direction, and then pouncing at the right moment. And missing those evil Zs. It's the work of Laurie Cape, a Leeds-based web designer, with a strange mind.

I've always found Z to be particularly sinister. It's not pretentious like Q (what the hell does Q think it's doing all the way up there in the middle of the alphabet, with the likes of N and R? It belongs at the end, and I'm starting the petition to get it moved now). And it's not Mr Out Of Sorts K. Z is over-confident, and too powerful for its own good. In Super Letter Game, it's downright threatening. It's madly comforting to find a nice friendly C, or a jolly old W, sliding around inside. Don't worry little letters! I'll rescue you from the Zs!

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