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Audio-Technica's excellent AT2020USB+ mic is 63% off at Amazon US

Just $99 for a highly rated USB cardioid condenser mic, equalling its lowest ever price.

The Audio-Technica AT2020USB+ microphone is a highly-rated microphone for content creators, and today it's going cheap at Amazon US. Normally this microphone goes for $149, but today it's going for $99 - a $50 reduction and more than $170 off its original MSRP.

Above: the AT2020USB+'s press shot is improved by the addition of the stock photo of a cat.

The Audio-Technica AT2020 is a well-reviewed condenser microphone thanks to its high-quality cardioid capsule, and this is the USB+ variety that means you don't need to invest in an XLR setup with an XLR cable, audio interface and so on. This is a better choice if you don't envisage yourself heavily investing in audio equipment, as you get everything you need in the box itself: mic, tiny desk stand, USB cable. As well as the quality of the mic, you also get latency-free audio monitoring via 3.5mm headphones, so you can make sure your levels are correct and so on.

The AT2020USB+ has attracted a fair few reviews, although it's not yet been reviewed by the hallowed chums at RPS. For example, Toms Hardware used this paragraph as the wrap-up to their review:

There's very little to find fault with here. Audio-Technica's streaming- and podcasting-friendly AT2020USB+ is built with the same sturdiness and quality you'd find in its studio mics, with a USB interface and tripod stand that makes for an easy streaming setup. If you regularly stream or record podcasts as a duo, a mic with a bidirectional polar pattern like HyperX's Quadcast might be more suitable, but for solo recording this model's a dream.

Overall then, an awesome mic for the money, and if you're interested in streaming or recording audio for a podcast or a VO, then this is a nice deal!

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