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Baba Is You level editor will let you make puzzles for players anywhere

Baba Is You -> Level Is You

New puzzles will finally be coming to Baba Is You when developers Hempuli bring a level editor to the game next year, putting control in the hands of players. The unique puzzler that requires players to change rules in order to progress will soon grant them the power to create their own challenges, which they can then share online for others to have 'fun' with. Now it won't just be level designers writing rules for you to rewrite as you play, it'll people who want nothing more than create the most devious puzzles imaginable and watch the world burn.

Our John called Baba Is You "completely wonderful" in his Baba Is You review earlier this year, adding that he expected to be "picking away at puzzles, and then desperately hoping for extra levels to be added later." This level editor will give many a reason to return, be it completing the growing list of user-created levels or building challenging puzzles of their own.

It's hard to explain Baba Is You. Luckily there's a new trailer announcing this level editor, which also gives a great overview of how you play in less than sixty seconds.

Watch on YouTube

The developers announced the level editor, and its super specific release window of sometime in 2020, over on Twitter. As you'd expect with a multiplatform game, one of the first questions about this new feature was whether those on PC could share their nightmarish creations with players on other platforms. Hempuli say "yes, the online level selection will be the same for all platforms it's available on."

More details about the level editor will come as Hempuli get closer to releasing it. I've not played Baba because it didn’t seem appealing to me at launch. However, being able to build levels with a system that's very similar to coding, a huge part of my previous job, puts Baba Is You my wishlist for next year.

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