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Podcast: The games you might have missed in 2019 so far

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You can’t play everything. Trust us, we’ve tried. You can’t even take note of all the games that come out in one week. Our mushy human brains can barely keep track of why we’re standing in the dairy aisle. Was it milk we're low on? Or butter? Yoghurt? Hang on, I'm vegan. What am I doing here?

Anyway, you’re bound to have missed a few games this year. Luckily the RPS podcast, the Electronic Wireless Show, is here to mention a few puzzle games and town builders that might have flown under your radar. Let's fire some thick opinion-bullets at them. How else are we supposed to bring them down, so you can play?

Alice reckons you might like Glass Masquerade 2, a jigsaw puzzler about stained-glass windows, but also wordsy puzzle game Baba Is You. Meanwhile Brendan wants more folks to try a tiny and free chess game called Pawnbarian, and praises the toy spaceships of Objects In Space.

We’ve also been playing stuff. Alice is withholding her Life Is Strange 2 thoughts for another time, but Brendan is ready to spit with frustration at Pathologic 2.

You can listen on Spotify, or above, or go straight to Soundcloud where you can download it for later.

You can also get the RSS feed here or find it on iTunes, Stitcher or Pocket Casts. Music is by Jack de Quidt, and if you’ve missed that fact, well, honestly, I repeat it every week, this is your own fault. Take some responsibility.


Hurling is great

Pawnbarian is like Slay the Spire but chess

John’s Baba Is You review

Brendan’s Objects In Space review

Glass Masquerades 2 is a stained-glass jigsaw puzzler

Skater XL is a skateboarding sim, but is it realistic?

Alec’s early access review of Foundation

Cities: Skylines has a pedestrian mod that lets you see things up close

Brendan’s Pathologic 2 review

Life Is Strange 2, episode 3 is out

Alice’s review of Plague Tale: Innocence

Hardcoded lets trans women be horny without being a fetish

Gestalt_OS is neat and we have no idea what’s going on

Contrapoints is a YouTube channel Alice likes

The Rise And Fall of the Dinosaurs is a book Brendan likes

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