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Batman Telltale: Shadows Edition brings back Batman and friends in black and white

Holy saturation, Batman!

What’s black and white and red all over? My attempt to get that old joke past Graham's editing pen. What prompted my amazing new take on that joke is the return of Batman - The Telltale Series. New owners LCG Entertainment are releasing it as Batman Telltale: Shadows Edition.

LCG bought up as much of Telltale's back catalogue as they could after the adventure developer went defunct, and have been looking to re-release all the games. In a nod to the increasingly grim take on Adam West’s wonderful legacy, they’ve fiddled with the saturation slider and given it a shadowy new look.

It's both seasons, so you get to play the Bruce Wayne heavy opening glut of episodes and then the follow-up of Batman: The Enemy Within. That's 10 episodes, Bat fans.

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If you own the original game, you can either do nothing and leave your game as bright as a summer dress, or you can grab the DLC from your store of choice and give Batman a morose makeover. You're not locked into either version, at least. You can select which way to play from the menu. I downloaded it just to check if you could.

I'll send you to Katherine's Have You Played... on the base game if you want to know. Or you can watch the teaser trailer for Wolf Among Us 2, which the same Telltale-but-not team revealed at The Game Awards late last week.

Batman Telltale: Shadows Edition is out now on Steam, and will be coming to the Epic Games Store when they figure out how to work the Bat-signal.

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